Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our Island Adventure - Part I

It seems pretty typical for us to have at least one tale to tell of every vacation. This one was no different. Well, other than the entire TRIP was fraught with tales. In the end, we had a nice time, but our vacation was a bit overshadowed by all of the hiccups.

Tale nĂºmero uno begins on Saturday night. I was out running a last-minute errand and picking up dinner when I got The Phonecall. The one every traveler dreads on the eve of vacation. Your flight has been cancelled!!!! But just for you, we've rebooked leave on MONDAY!

Derek, being a seasoned traveler well-versed in last-minute cancellations, began the mad scramble to get us to the church on time. After an hour and a half on the phone with the AA booking agent, we had a new itinerary - on Delta. Whatever, we were just glad to be on ANY flight that got us to St Lucia on Sunday!

Sunday was a long day. Our car arrived at 230am to take us to the airport. Little did we know that DFW ticket counters, OTHER than AA in Terminal D, don't even open until 4am. So we spent about 45 min waiting on the first agents to appear at the Delta counter. We get to the counter and that's when the agent sheepishly asks, "you haven't paid for your tickets yet?"

That's when we tell the tale of the cancellation the night before and show her our original receipt for the booking that was cancelled and the new itinerary that American booked for us. She calls AA customer service to sort it out for us. The agent informs her that AA had not paid because they weren't willing to pay for first class, which we had originally booked with them and the agent who rebooked us got special approval from her supervisor to book for us on Delta. But they were happy to pay for coach tickets. *mouth agape at the audacity* There was no way Derek could spend 7.5 hrs in coach!

"Can you release the funds for the customers to use now? ... They're standing right in front of me here at the ticket counter." ... "Not unless they book coach?" *shake heads NO WAY* "But you can go ahead and refund the amount to their card?" *yes, please* "And they can call customer service with questions? Okay, thank you for your help."

So, we have to pay Delta in FULL for our tickets and fight with American when we get home. It was the only way to get going and not ruin the whole trip from the get-go. Little did we know that our entire trip would be peppered with pesky problems. Had we, we may have simply opted to stay home...except we would have eaten a sizable chunk of money and I'm too cheap for that! Besides, it had to get better we were headed to an all-inclusive beach resort, after all!

Stay tuned for the next installment of Vacation Spoilers.

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