Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Open letter

My sweet little guy,

I'm sorry that your mommy is so stubborn. And I'm sorry that you seemed to get a double dose of stubbornness from mommy and from daddy. I was bound and determined not to give in to your bedtime antics and so I put you to bed crying. "Let him cry himself to sleep for a change," I told your daddy. After all, you were perfectly asleep until I put you in bed. And you were certainly tired enough to drift right back off. Except you were bound and determined to have mommy hold you until you drifted off to dreamland. And so you cried and cried and cried until daddy decided to go rescue you. But you would have none of it. You knew just exactly how to get me to come back for you. And in less that 10 min, you were soundly asleep and in your bed. If only we hadn't been so stubborn, you would have been in dreamland far earlier.next time, I will try not to let our stubborn streaks get the best of us.

Love, Mommy