Thursday, October 25, 2012

Days Like This

Because M's school is a major sponsor of the Chihuly exhibit, we were able to enjoy the beauty of the Arboretum for FREE! Awesome! If you haven't been to see the Chihuly exhibit, it is worth braving the crowds! Pictures definitely do NOT do it justice ... nor does a mere one or two hour visit. Make a day of it - you won't be sorry!

Knowing that attendance has been very heavy the last week, we opted to be there when the gardens opened. And man, are we ever glad we did! The line to get in to park was impressive for 850am and the lot was already quite full. Once inside, the crowd dispersed quickly but it was still quite obvious that there were lots of people milling about just by noticing how many stray people wandered into "the perfect shot" all morning.

We stayed about an hour and half and things were really ramping up as we were leaving as people were pouring in by the busloads. The weather was lovely for us - warm but not too warm with just enough breeze to keep things comfortable. It was definitely heating up and by the time we got home the wind was gusty.

Mom went with us so we were able to get a few good family photos. Not as splendid as I'd hoped, but the little guy was tired because, naturally, he had decided to take a nap just before we left for the Arboretum. So we had to wake him up to go. Boo! All in all, though, he did quite well. Makes me think we might need a membership so we can enjoy each season at the gardens.


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