Friday, August 10, 2012

Things: Installment 64

So. Some of you who haven't seen me in a long while may be wondering: what made you change your mind about kids? To which I now reply, "never say never." Shoulda listened to my Granny when she told me that! So this issue is dedicated to throwing out some baby-related info.

Things about the Path to Parenthood

  • Derek and I approached the subject of starting a family after a gathering of friends where a new baby came for a visit. Strange as it may seem and sound, we both knew that our path was changing.
  • Derek always wanted kids. I was the holdout.
  • It took us 3 years, a bout of cancer, and a medical miracle to give us our sweet MT.
  • Pregnancy was relatively easy and, dare I say, enjoyable.
  • My blood pressure did not pose any problems for us. Actually, it remained normal throughout pregnancy.
  • Because of my hypertension, we saw a parinatologist, in addition to my OB, throughout pregnancy.
  • I continued singing up until the last three weeks before MT was born.
  • I was one of the unlucky (and least likely in a lineup) who developed gestational diabetes.
  • I only gained 25 pounds - 8 of which I gained the last several days.
  • MT measured very large on sono from the get-go and was dubbed a linebacker by the nurse practioner but was actually a pretty little guy when he was born.
  • Because of the additional complication (diabetes), my OB elected to induce at 38.5 weeks.
  • After laboring for 12 hours, MT arrived by emergency c-section.
  • I didn't have any weird cravings during pregnancy. Unless you count a doubled looooooove for avocados and Dr Pepper. In which case I had them regularly. As in several times a week. Well, not the DP...darn diabetes!
  • I will never forget the time the nurse at the perinatologist's office "zapped" MT during a monitoring session. We both jumped sky high!
  • Epidurals are awesome! Except when they fall out. True story.
  • The birthing class was helpful. The video wasn't too bad. The part about the placenta, however, scarred us both for life!!
  • Spinal blocks are weird. And everything waking up once removed is a doozy.
  • My belly button never became an "outie;" mine was more of a "flattie." (and it was a direct way to make baby move if I wanted his attention.)
  • The nurses at the hospital were awesome!
  • Much to my delight, my feet remain the same size they were pre-pregnancy and I added a new pair of heels to the closet just this week. Derek had many nightmares & cold sweats about me replacing my entire collection!
  • Leaving the hospital with this new, tiny human is both surreal and terrifying!
  • Somehow, some way, first children, while always the experiment, all manage to turn out alright. So far, so good!

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