Thursday, August 16, 2012

Inevitable but Really??!

Well, just two full weeks into part-time daycare and the inevitable has befallen us  - MT's first cold. Boo! Early Saturday morning he woke for a feeding all congested. It seemed to do okay for a day or so but then he ran a low grade fever for several days so I opted to stay home/keep him home. He was never terribly fussy, thankfully, but he was extra clingy and only mommy would do! None of this daddy business, crazy lady!

The icing on the cake though? I got sick too! I woke up with a wicked sore throat on Saturday morning. It would dissipate throughout the day, so I thought it was from allergy drainage since I'm still off my regular allergy meds for the time being. But then Tuesday, the sore throat returned with a vengeance and didn't let up. Swallowing ANYthing was painful. So I called the doc to rule out strep, which seemed a real long shot given that I hadn't run any fever. Still, now with a little one at home, one can't be too careful! Quick test came back negative. Doc took one look at my throat and exclaimed, "oh that's impressive!" while not strep, theres no question it was some type of throat infection. So three scripts and a day later, I feel tons better!

As my mom said, being sick is inevitable but it's grossly unfair for mom and baby to be sick at the same time! Indeed, mom, indeed! But we're all now on the mend and returning to work and school tomorrow.

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