Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Earning Its Keep

We hosted our first big family gathering in the new space on the weekend of my birthday. It was a combination birthday soiree and "we're having a ...." reveal party. It was great fun, and everyone enjoyed being outside in the new space. And, of course, Derek enjoyed showing off his new domain. Mostly, we enjoyed time together as a family - visiting and celebrating our newest family member.

Ben & Nana
David & Papa
I had a great time decorating for our little party. I mixed pink and blue and girl and boy things everywhere. We also played a fun "game" where everyone got to put in their two cents on names - both girl and boy and serious and fun. Then we read them out loud during dinner. Too fun! Everyone tried to get us to slip up and tell them the news before the "big reveal," but we were wise to their trickery.

To give the big reveal, we hired my friend Chrissy to make a special batch Cakezies. They served as the centerpiece on the table but were covered until dessert time. It just about killed the grandparents to have to wait. They all wanted to have dessert first. LOL!

But it was well worth the wait, as you can see here.

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