Monday, August 13, 2012

CHM #345617930

I was cleaning out and rearranging MT's closet after getting some new outfits the other day. I've been buying ahead as I find great steals. Anywho, I had a big batch of 9-12 mo goodies. As I filed through to the correct section, I found only one thing hanging there. One quick glance and I did a double take. Rather than saying 9-12 mo on the tag, it said 9-12 lbs. MT now weighs between 13-14. Ooops!! Clearly I put that outfit up that last week before he arrived - when I wasn't sleeping all that well. It was too darn cute not to give it a whirl, so I put him in it last night. Ha! Poor little guy looked like he was in a straight jacket. Oh well. Worth a try. Into the box of "I'm too little" it goes.

Today's Cutie Head Moment brought to you by the letter D, the number 9, and Are You Smarter Than a 5 Year Old!

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