Thursday, August 16, 2012

Inevitable but Really??!

Well, just two full weeks into part-time daycare and the inevitable has befallen us  - MT's first cold. Boo! Early Saturday morning he woke for a feeding all congested. It seemed to do okay for a day or so but then he ran a low grade fever for several days so I opted to stay home/keep him home. He was never terribly fussy, thankfully, but he was extra clingy and only mommy would do! None of this daddy business, crazy lady!

The icing on the cake though? I got sick too! I woke up with a wicked sore throat on Saturday morning. It would dissipate throughout the day, so I thought it was from allergy drainage since I'm still off my regular allergy meds for the time being. But then Tuesday, the sore throat returned with a vengeance and didn't let up. Swallowing ANYthing was painful. So I called the doc to rule out strep, which seemed a real long shot given that I hadn't run any fever. Still, now with a little one at home, one can't be too careful! Quick test came back negative. Doc took one look at my throat and exclaimed, "oh that's impressive!" while not strep, theres no question it was some type of throat infection. So three scripts and a day later, I feel tons better!

As my mom said, being sick is inevitable but it's grossly unfair for mom and baby to be sick at the same time! Indeed, mom, indeed! But we're all now on the mend and returning to work and school tomorrow.

Monday, August 13, 2012

CHM #345617930

I was cleaning out and rearranging MT's closet after getting some new outfits the other day. I've been buying ahead as I find great steals. Anywho, I had a big batch of 9-12 mo goodies. As I filed through to the correct section, I found only one thing hanging there. One quick glance and I did a double take. Rather than saying 9-12 mo on the tag, it said 9-12 lbs. MT now weighs between 13-14. Ooops!! Clearly I put that outfit up that last week before he arrived - when I wasn't sleeping all that well. It was too darn cute not to give it a whirl, so I put him in it last night. Ha! Poor little guy looked like he was in a straight jacket. Oh well. Worth a try. Into the box of "I'm too little" it goes.

Today's Cutie Head Moment brought to you by the letter D, the number 9, and Are You Smarter Than a 5 Year Old!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Things: Installment 64

So. Some of you who haven't seen me in a long while may be wondering: what made you change your mind about kids? To which I now reply, "never say never." Shoulda listened to my Granny when she told me that! So this issue is dedicated to throwing out some baby-related info.

Things about the Path to Parenthood

  • Derek and I approached the subject of starting a family after a gathering of friends where a new baby came for a visit. Strange as it may seem and sound, we both knew that our path was changing.
  • Derek always wanted kids. I was the holdout.
  • It took us 3 years, a bout of cancer, and a medical miracle to give us our sweet MT.
  • Pregnancy was relatively easy and, dare I say, enjoyable.
  • My blood pressure did not pose any problems for us. Actually, it remained normal throughout pregnancy.
  • Because of my hypertension, we saw a parinatologist, in addition to my OB, throughout pregnancy.
  • I continued singing up until the last three weeks before MT was born.
  • I was one of the unlucky (and least likely in a lineup) who developed gestational diabetes.
  • I only gained 25 pounds - 8 of which I gained the last several days.
  • MT measured very large on sono from the get-go and was dubbed a linebacker by the nurse practioner but was actually a pretty little guy when he was born.
  • Because of the additional complication (diabetes), my OB elected to induce at 38.5 weeks.
  • After laboring for 12 hours, MT arrived by emergency c-section.
  • I didn't have any weird cravings during pregnancy. Unless you count a doubled looooooove for avocados and Dr Pepper. In which case I had them regularly. As in several times a week. Well, not the DP...darn diabetes!
  • I will never forget the time the nurse at the perinatologist's office "zapped" MT during a monitoring session. We both jumped sky high!
  • Epidurals are awesome! Except when they fall out. True story.
  • The birthing class was helpful. The video wasn't too bad. The part about the placenta, however, scarred us both for life!!
  • Spinal blocks are weird. And everything waking up once removed is a doozy.
  • My belly button never became an "outie;" mine was more of a "flattie." (and it was a direct way to make baby move if I wanted his attention.)
  • The nurses at the hospital were awesome!
  • Much to my delight, my feet remain the same size they were pre-pregnancy and I added a new pair of heels to the closet just this week. Derek had many nightmares & cold sweats about me replacing my entire collection!
  • Leaving the hospital with this new, tiny human is both surreal and terrifying!
  • Somehow, some way, first children, while always the experiment, all manage to turn out alright. So far, so good!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Hijacked by Execs

Ack! I just stumbled over to my personal Facebook page only to realize that the "powers that be" have chosen to convert my profile to the new Timeline format. I've not mentioned it here but I have voiced loudly my disdain for said format to many of my friends. I really HATE the timeline format and have reneged on converting my profile for as long as I can remember. FB has been shoving the option in my face for quite some time. Clearly, I can no longer opt out. Le I feel compelled to fill the rotten thing in. B/c I'm OCD like that. Thankfully, today though, the Sandman calleth louder than the FB Timeline I didn't want.

Friday, August 03, 2012


As we customarily do, we planned a trip for our anniversary. As a last hurrah as a family of two, Derek thought a beach vacation would be fun. We cleared the trip through my OB, who gave the nod but raised a few "food for thought" scenarios. At the mention of malaria, Derek was out and quickly shifted gears in search of another destination.

After asking a few friends about some places to visit, we decided to head northeast to Hot Springs. The trees would be in the midst of changing colors and the weather would be a little cooler in the mountains. (Remember, we were in the midst of one of the worst 100-degree streaks on record and dodging wildfires right & left.)

We booked into the neatest little bed & breakfast called The Wildwood. The proprietors knew the entire history of the house and the family who built it. And the daily four-course, gourmet breakfast was absolutely to die for (and, yes, they can accomodate special dietary restrictions like the need for gluten free)!! Luckily, morning sickness passed right before we left on our trip, so food was once again on my list of favorite things.

We did the usual touristy things while we were there. Like visit the bath house museum, drive the nature trails, tour the botanical gardens, and eat. Man, did we eat. There were several really neat restaurants downtown. But I think our absolute favorite (and one we frequented a number of times) was the Cuban joint and following behind at a very close second would be the Italian place on the lake. (Oddly enough, the owner of the Italian place is a transplant from the DFW area. He considers Hot Springs retirement. I'm not sure I would consider running a restaurant retiring, but he loves it.)

All in all, it was a very relaxing long weekend and one we may soon repeat, particularly our visit to the B&B!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

And So It Begins...

Today, I dropped off my sweet boy for his first day of school. I didn't anticipate such a wide range of emotions with this milestone. Then again, there are lots of feelings I hadn't anticipated on this journey and, yet, there they are. MT is such a joy to be around now that he's smiling and cooing and giggling at us. His little personality is really beginning to show, and I must admit that it's hard to leave him any day - let alone on work days.

We've been blessed to have very active grandparents. Both Derek and I had special relationships with our grandparents when we were growing up, and we're so tickled that MT will get to make these special memories, as well. Derek's mom got us through a lot of those tough days in the first few months and my mom allowed us to keep the squirt at home for an additional 4 weeks after I returned to work part-time.

Today I've turned him over to a new group of special caretakers. His teachers are all very sweet ladies and have made every effort to make the transition a smooth one. Everyone at the school has gushed over him, which does a lot to put a new parent at ease when even the administrators take such an active roll in each child's day. So already, he has quite the reputation for being a cutie. (Of course, they haven't seen one of his famous fits yet either. LOL!)

I'm sure it comes as no surprise to most of you that I made a manual to give to his teachers so they know all of his little quirks and how to calm and soothe him. Oh yes, yes, I did. (And it was darn cute, if I do say so myself!) I dropped it off, along with his basic supplies and a few momentos from home to hang in his crib (like scrapbook pages with pictures of us and a nametag for his bed since he won't have one yet), on Monday. The teachers said they appreciated it. Was that true? Fairly likely. Because funny thing, this morning, the desk attendant went on & on about how neat that manual is. Apparently, everyone has seen it. "I've been in this business 20 years, and I've never seen anything like it! Did you get the idea from somewhere or come up with it on your own? ... You should patent it!" So, yeah, my OCDness is already showing/making an impression but at least it's being met with enthusiasm.

I'll certainly miss getting photos like this one with cute little "Hi, Mom" messages throughout the work day. The school encourages you to call if you want to check in. Maybe I can keep it to just one call today.

Earning Its Keep

We hosted our first big family gathering in the new space on the weekend of my birthday. It was a combination birthday soiree and "we're having a ...." reveal party. It was great fun, and everyone enjoyed being outside in the new space. And, of course, Derek enjoyed showing off his new domain. Mostly, we enjoyed time together as a family - visiting and celebrating our newest family member.

Ben & Nana
David & Papa
I had a great time decorating for our little party. I mixed pink and blue and girl and boy things everywhere. We also played a fun "game" where everyone got to put in their two cents on names - both girl and boy and serious and fun. Then we read them out loud during dinner. Too fun! Everyone tried to get us to slip up and tell them the news before the "big reveal," but we were wise to their trickery.

To give the big reveal, we hired my friend Chrissy to make a special batch Cakezies. They served as the centerpiece on the table but were covered until dessert time. It just about killed the grandparents to have to wait. They all wanted to have dessert first. LOL!

But it was well worth the wait, as you can see here.