Saturday, July 28, 2012

That's Gonna Leave a Mark

Who can tell me what movie that line is from? *insert Jeopardy theme while you think about it* Why, it's only one of my all-time favorite movies EVAH! (And rather than telling you, you're just gonna have to Google it. *snicker*)

And said movie quote is actually germaine to today's topic of conversation: waxing. What?! Yep, that's right. We're actually gonna go there. Not up for it? Well, you should just mosey on along now.

Up until about a year ago, I had not waxed anything. Ever. I gave the EpiLady (remember those??) a whirl once when I was in college and all but died from the ridiculous pain of said medieval torture device ripping each hair follicle from its happy, deeply-rooted home. Smooth legs be damned, I wasn't finishing that job! Razor it is and will always be, amen!

But ... I decided to get brave last summer before we embarked on our cruise to the Bahamas. I polled my girlfriends about waxing. How many did it, how many liked it, how many could endure the pain, etc. and the general conclusion pointed me in the direction of the good ol' college try. (pun only partially intended.) Let's face it. No one hates shaving more than I do, and I come from a long line of hairy Scot-Irish-Germans (dang those Germans!) so when you want to sport shorts and a swimsuit for a week....well, something must be done to prevent the hostile takeover.

So I took the recommendation of a friend and booked an appointment with her esthetician. Her what? You know, the person who takes care of people's skin (waxing, facials, etc.). I was as a nervous as a cat in a roomful of rocking chairs, but I was determined not to wuss out. Going to a spa to have it done was a good idea...with the zen-like decor and soft music playing throughout the whole place. It also didn't hurt that my wax girl was as nice as could be and chatted away during the whole thing. Strange? Not really. It was a great distraction.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn't hurt nearly as much as I had imagined it might. Granted, my only point of comparison was that dreadful encounter with The Ripper back in college. So anything else was bound to be a step up. Seriously though, if you can stand the twinge you feel when plucking your eyebrows, then you too can handle waxing. To me, it was the same.

So when all was said and done, I was beach ready and none too worse for the wear. In fact, it was such a non-traumatic experience that I've been going regularly ever since, even throughout my entire pregnancy. So I guess it's true what they say - once you wax, you never go back. Hahaha!

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