Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Derek's Last Hurrah

2011 wasa particularly good year for Derek's business. His company ran some promotional sales incentives on big ticket sales, and Derek was fortunate enough to make MANY during the year which mean he took home some sizable bonuses.

I'm fairly certain that I've talked a lot about the time that we've spent outside entertaining friends. If theres one thing Derek absolutely LOVES to do, it's grilland especially for other people. On average, i would say that we grill out at least 3 times a week yearround. One thing he's always dreamed about doing is building an outdoor kitchen/entertaining space. So when his bonuses began coming in, we did some serious talking and planning and decided that, given the current economy, reinvesting in the house seemed like a wise idea.

And then the pipe dreaming began. He started sending me photos of his dream kitchen elements. Naturally, it had to have a top of the line built-in grill. There had to be a sink and fridge. And I insisted on a fireplace, both for warmth and as a design element. And no doubt the whole shibang had to be covered so that there could be a big screen to keep the boys entertained.

And so with ideas and rough budget firmly in hand, we set about finding a contractor. And then Derek's dream became a reality. We had all of our wish list items and added a few more along the way - an ice maker for those bigger parties, a built-in tap for the beer aficionados, drawers for storage, a cutting board for the prep area, a warming drawer to keep items warm as they finished cooking, and an extended high top bar for extra seating (and to keep people out of the prep area while cookie did his thang). Yep, this was going to be perfect. With all of the elements chosen, we selected building materials - granite countertops, Omlahoma limestone, exposed cedar, salted concrete - and then the real work began.

It took roughly four weeks to go from this

to this

Naturally, we had a party (or three) to christen the new space. The biggest reason to celebrate though....we would be welcoming a new family member! And that's why we call this project Derek's Last Hurrah.

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