Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Few More Recent CHMs

It seems that my CHMs (Cutie Head Moments) have occurred a bit more frequently in the last six months or so. Some might call it Baby Brain. Whatever you call them, I've managed to embarrass myself a number of times, particularly recently.

Exhibit A:  I get notification from my bank that my overdraft protection has kicked in. My first reaction? "WHA? I had plenty of money in there!" The week prior, I had moved a big chunk of money over to savings thinking I had left plenty in checking for the next two weeks. So I hop online and start reconciling my checkbook and realize that, at the first of the month, I forgot to include my mortgage in the list of deductions from my account. DOH! Naturally, the bank did not forget this, particularly since it autodrafts. So while I'm swiping away for groceries and other necessities, I actually have no money to do so. I guess this is one of the reasons why it's nice to have overdraft protection!

Exhibit B:  Yesterday, at work, I was preparing a travel folder for one of my bosses. When making said travel folder, I include printed confirmations for all reservations, like flight, hotel, car, etc. This is so that she has proof in the event she has any issues when checking in for any one of these, and the folder also provides a convenient place for her to place receipts and conference materials. Anywho, I was preparing a folder for a conference next week when I realized that I didn't have email confirmation of her hotel reservation. *gulp* I check with the business admin, who sometimes makes reservations in my absence or at the boss' request. "I don't seem to have an email confirmation for Boss' hotel next week. Did you happen to make that reservation?" "No." Ruh-roh. So I scramble to get that done. Naturally, the conference rate is long gone (or the hotel simply won't honor it) so we have to go with the "best available" rate, which was astronomical but what can you do when you're down to the wire? With reservations now made, the folder is finished and I go to the boss and admit my mistake. Naturally, she's more than a little panicked about this "best available rate." After all, times are tough and we're counting pennies even more than usual. So we begin trying to find a way to either get the hotel to honor the conference rate or find a better rate somewhere else. Luckily, we were able to get a rate even cheaper than the conference rate and later, after securing the reservation with this great rate, had a really good laugh about how the baby is "stealing my brain cells." Let's just say that this has never happened to me before and I suspect will never happen to me again!

In both cases, all's well that ends well! Here ends the streak of CHMs ... I hope!

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