Monday, April 18, 2011

From Disaster to a Masterpiece

It is nice to have the busiest part of the spring over and out of the way. It should be a smooth and quiet coast into summer and a much-needed respite.

This weekend's Palm Sunday program went from a potential cancellation to a wonderful masterpiece in just a week's time. Our last-minute tenor was a wonderful addition to the program. Honestly, I'm in awe of what he was able to do in such a short time. And I'm certainly indebted to him for affording us the opportunity to perform this beautiful work by Bob Chilcott.

Aside from the Chilcott, the choir sang the Wilburg arrangement of "Come Thou Fount." While it's written for a choir of 100 or more voices, that does not negate its absolute beauty even when sung by such small numbers. And it certainly doesn't hurt to have the best organist in town whose registrations are never less than perfection!

I was also able to reprise the commissioned work by Rob Landes called "Little Lamb, Who Made Thee" that I premiered in December. The premiere was excellent, but as any performer knows, you sometimes have performances where you think, "I could have done that better." And that is certainly how I felt after the premiere. I would say that the piece is now much more solidly in my voice. And while it still wasn't perfect - no live performance is, it was a far better representation of this piece and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to do it justice.

So all in all, the week that began with such uncertainty culminated with a very meaningful program ushering in both a time of reflection and a time of celebration as we mark the final days leading to Easter. I'm including the first movement from last night's performance below for your viewing enjoyment, along with links to other videos since I couldn't fit them all in one post. (Note: all videos are best viewed with a high-speed internet connection.)

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