Thursday, April 28, 2011

Did You Hug Your Admin?

So yesterday was Administrative Professionals Day, formerly known as Administrative Assistants Day formerly known as Secretaries Day. (Honestly, I do not understand the hang-up on what you call your secretary. I mean, really. Whether I'm a secretary or an assistant, my job functions remain the same: I'm a phone answerin', paper pushin', calendar managin', travel coordinatin' diva!) Did you do something spectacular for your assistant?

I may or may not have mentioned before that I happen to be an assistant. Actually, I have five bosses, if we want to get really technical about it. Sure, it sounds like a lot, but I have it down to a science. Or perhaps my bosses just don't require that much of me. Take your pick.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeenyway, some of my wonderful co-workers/staff brought me THE bestest gifts EVAH today - shoe crack. Oh yes. I admit it. I have a problem. A high-heeled, open-toed, b-e-a-utiful problem called shoes. Shoes, shoes, glorious shoes! And I am now the proud owner of $170 worth of plastic, cue-the-angelic-choir, pure heaven in my wallet, shoe-purchase-enabling, do the happy shoe dance, glorious cold plastic shoe cash. And I will soon be the proud owner of some sparkly, smell-that-faux-leather, new collectible beauties for my shoe cabinet.

For you see, aside from the plastic-glorious-plastic shoe cash, I've recently retired a number of pairs of My Pretties. Some are going to better homes and a few were sent to a tearful grave as I literally wore them out. But as an eternal optimist of the shoeless mind, I have merely begun my search for the next set of Pretties to fill the voids on the shelves. And filled, my friends, those voids shall be come Friday night when I join My Girls for a fantastic evening that we so lovingly have coined Margaritas and Shoes.

But this week, rather than sneaking my shoes in the door at home one pair at a time, I will proudly prance in and put them on display in runway fashion as a) I didn't spend our money, honey and b) babe, I'm not banning any of your shoes to the hiding place under the stairs this time b/c I have roooooooooom to fill on my shelves!

Now everyone say a little prayer that my favorite shoe store doesn't fail me like it did the last time the girls met for Margaritas and Shoes when I left with NONE...uh...ONE!

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