Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cutie Head Moment #1598763165198984

Brought to you by Can You Hear Me Now....Good!

So I got a new cell phone a little while ago. Yep. I wasn't really planning to. I was perfectly happy with my old one. I had just figured out how to work the damn thing, so why would I want a new one? But the hubby decided he HAD to switch providers and get in on some iCrack. And that meant that his virtually brand NEW, fancy iCrack(ish) android would go the way of all the other has-beens in his vast collection of technology trash.


Susan to the rescue! I'll take one for the team and learn how to use yet another complicated piece of portable technology that will make me scream profanities every time I try to use it to do something 'simple.' B/c, let's face it, people, ain't nothin' simple about Simple Technology these days!

So we get me switched over to this new fandangled piece of purse clutter and I play around with some of the basic settings, like ringtone and stuff. Fast forward a couple of hours to an after-dinner conversation with some girlfriends around the dining room table. *groovy dance tune* starts playing. We all look around at each other, like we've never heard this noise before. Then everyone takes out their phones one-by-one to see, "is that me??" All the while, I'm sitting at the table saying, "that's definitely not mine."

One by one, everyone declares that it's not theirs. And then it hits me. I have a new phone! I've never heard it ring! And as fate would have it, it was mine after all.

Is this one of those times that can be dubbed "eating crow??" Well, at least it tasted good!

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