Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cutie Head Moment #1598763165198984

Brought to you by Can You Hear Me Now....Good!

So I got a new cell phone a little while ago. Yep. I wasn't really planning to. I was perfectly happy with my old one. I had just figured out how to work the damn thing, so why would I want a new one? But the hubby decided he HAD to switch providers and get in on some iCrack. And that meant that his virtually brand NEW, fancy iCrack(ish) android would go the way of all the other has-beens in his vast collection of technology trash.


Susan to the rescue! I'll take one for the team and learn how to use yet another complicated piece of portable technology that will make me scream profanities every time I try to use it to do something 'simple.' B/c, let's face it, people, ain't nothin' simple about Simple Technology these days!

So we get me switched over to this new fandangled piece of purse clutter and I play around with some of the basic settings, like ringtone and stuff. Fast forward a couple of hours to an after-dinner conversation with some girlfriends around the dining room table. *groovy dance tune* starts playing. We all look around at each other, like we've never heard this noise before. Then everyone takes out their phones one-by-one to see, "is that me??" All the while, I'm sitting at the table saying, "that's definitely not mine."

One by one, everyone declares that it's not theirs. And then it hits me. I have a new phone! I've never heard it ring! And as fate would have it, it was mine after all.

Is this one of those times that can be dubbed "eating crow??" Well, at least it tasted good!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Things: Installment 61

I recently tagged along on one of Derek's business trips. This one happened to be to Fort Lauderdale. It was eventful(ish) so I thought it worthy of a Things post.

Things About the Fort Lauderdale Trip
  • Sometimes it's worth the extra price on airfare to AVOID red-eye flights. My flight left DFW at 6:25 a.m., which meant that I had to be to the airport for oh-dark-thirty which meant that I had to leave my house at the butt crack. The roosters weren't even up yet!
  • My friend/business partner Whitney (hey, girl) was kind enough to not only house sit but to volunteer to take me to the airport for said red-eye flight. What. a. saint!
  • When traveling during spring break season, it is wise to pay the extra $9 for the Priority Upgrade. For one, you get on the plane first. For two, you are guaranteed a space in the overhead for your one and only bag. Otherwise ... womp-womp ... you have to check said carry-on at the gate and then go to baggage claim at the airport rather than straight to your taxi!
  • On the upside, because I took the early flight, I dodged the crazy weather in Fort Lauderdale and was tucked snug-as-a-bug in my hotel room when the hurricane-like wind and rain pelted and whirled outside the sliding glass door of my hotel room.
  • On the downside, room service was TOO busy to answer the phone during said storm. I guess everyone else was hungry and avoiding going outside, too.
  • Staying at a hotel with a private beach during the beginning of the spring break season is GENIUS! The beach was never ridiculously crowded. There were plenty of chairs, plenty of umbrellas, and plenty of cold beverages. Just the way I like it!
  • Downside to only taking one form of entertainment to the beach: iPads overheat in direct sunlight. I thought I was going to be smart and catch up on the 800+ posts in my Google Reader. WRONG! I got about 30 min. of surfing in before it shut down and gave me the finger. "Too hot. Try again later." It took a good hour for that puppy to cool down enough for me to be able to turn it back on. I opted to leave it playing some tunes in the shade rather than entertaining me on the sunny beach chair. Whatever, dude.
  • The seafood was amazing!
  • Most of the restaurants we visited actually knew what I was talking about when I quizzed them about gluten-free menu items. And many were more than happy to talk to the chef for me.
  • Traveling with doctors is like traveling with movie stars. They don't give a rats @$$ about anyone but themselves!!!! So note to self: eat where YOU want to and make your own travel itinerary rather than syncing up return flights with everybody else.
  • Traveling with a gimp has its privileges - hello priority boarding for the spouse!
  • It wasn't the most ideal time to travel. I had just returned from tending to the patient after his knee surgery. But I sure as hell wasn't going to let him travel by himself while he was still barely hobbling around. (Thanks, doc, for telling him that he could do whatever he felt up to doing!) All in all, it was a nice trip. Gimp was basically ungimpy by the time we came home.
  • SPF5000 works in Florida too! *grin*

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Monumental February

It's hard to believe that two years has flown by. Like that. It was two years ago in February that Derek had his cancer surgery and was declared cancer-free. Make it to the two-year mark with no recurrence and you're pretty much golden. The likelihood of recurrence drops to less than 5%. We were on schedule to get the Official Word that he remains cancer free when life was rudely interrupted by a golf-ball size knot on the front of his right knee.

X-rays revealed that there were bony fragments loose in his knee - one of which appeared to be quite large. Apparently, Derek had Osgood-Schlatter as a child. This causes extra bone growth on the top of the tibia. While this often resolves on its own with no medical intervention, a small percentage of kids take the extra bone growth with them into adulthood. Derek is one of those lucky few. And some of that extra growth had broken off and was free-floating in the knee with the largest fragment being lodged beneath his patellar tendon.

So on the day that he would have seen the oncologist for his two-year check-up, he had knee surgery instead. The fragments were even larger than they appeared on x-ray. In fact, they were so sizable that the doctor had to bring them out to show us on his post-op-everything-is-a-okay visit. The largest one was the size of a large marble; there were two that were small marble sized; and then there were a bunch of little fragments that looked like jacks. It's no wonder he had a huge knot on his knee!

The surgery went fine and I spent a week and a half at home taking care of him. Pain management was our biggest obstacle since the doctor filed off the remaining bony growths on the top of the tibia. *shudder* Biggest RX obstacle: he's allergic to hydrocodone and #2 choice Darvocet is off the market. It took us several days and several phone calls to the doctor to get the right combo of his pain med cocktail. But we eventually got him some relief so he could rest.

We're now a month out and he's doing just fine. He's been on TWO business trips to FL and had his first physical therapy session this week, in fact. He has 120 degrees of motion right now with about 15 degrees more to go. Not bad. Hopefully he's faithful enough to p/t to get his back worked on too!

So what about that two-year follow-up? It's on the schedule for April. We're looking forward to getting some good news!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Little R&R

As I sit here with my months-old list of things to blog about, I am, quite surprisingly to most, really at a loss for words. I have enjoyed the last 4+ weeks of my blogging hiatus. I'm sure that some of you have wondered, at least in fleeting moments, what happened to take me away from the blogosphere. Well, quite simply, a lot and not much at all. It's certainly not for lack of blog-worthy material. That is clearly evidenced by the long list of potential topics currently staring me in the face. I think it generally boils down to an overall lack of enthusiasm for anything. Just a general state of the blahs. But the trees are budding (achoo, anyone?) and the birds are tweeting and one can't help but find the spring in the step return. And so I'll bore you all with the myriad of ridiculous thoughts that have been buzzing around my brain like that pesky fly that whizzes about stalking your first bites of your favorite summer fruits. (How's that for a colorful analogy?! Take that, caseoftheblahs!)