Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Snow-pocalypse 2.0

Howdy from a blustery, f-f-f-f-freeeeeeezing N. Texas! We're now into our second round of wintry weather as sleet fell heavily this morning and it is currently snowing like nobody's business here. C-RAZY to say the least!

As promised, I did actually venture out in the snow last week ... with the Husky, of course. But I realized today, after signing onto the ol' blog to figure out where I left off last week, that I never posted pictures (or stories) from our little trek. Shame, shame! So, as I sit here in the craft room watching the snow breeze by (it really IS pretty, even if it makes a mess of things) and pile up once again, I decided to edit some photos AND video from last week's Snow-pocalypse (thanks, Gayla, for that one!) and make a little movie montage for you to enjoy. The stories will come in separate posts this week b/c they're good enough to stand on their own. Oh, and while I'm on the subject of separate posts, I'll have a really fun one about photos that I found in the office while cleaning in there. Some real jewels, let me tell ya. You won't want to miss 'em! *grin* But for now, on to that montage....

And now that I'm done with that morning time-suck (tho it was fun), I must now do something productive. What, you may ask? Well, I've got two choices: make cards or clean the office. Which one do you think I'll choose? *snicker*

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