Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Rude Awakening

I had intended to sleep in a little today, but my plans were thwarted when I was rudely awakened at 0545! Oy! I neglected to complain about mention that we've been having some issues with the smoke detectors that came with our house.

You: what other smoke detectors would you be talking about? Smoke detectors are required, Grasshoppa!
Me: I know. Let me explain.

We have two sets of smoke detectors: the six originals that were installed throughout the house as part of new construction and the two high-tech heat/smoke detectors that were installed and are monitored by our alarm company. The originals are powered two ways - direct wiring and 9V batteries. The other two are powered by the alarm system.

Several weeks ago, we were rudely awakened in the middle of the night by the originals. And for the record, how in the WORLD do people sleep through their smoke alarms going off? B/c let me tell you, there just ain't no way!!!!

Aaaaaanywho, we do a quick assessment and determine it is indeed a false alarm. And then they stopped. All by themselves. Alrighty. Back to bed then. We-he-hell, that would have been a good idea EXCEPT the stupid alarms went off randomly all. night. long. So what did we do? We unhooked the damn things. Yes, we did. Every single one AND took their batteries out. B/c you don't turn them off just by de-batterying them or just by unhooking them from the direct wiring. You have to do BOTH to silence those little screamers.

We decided that it had to be a battery causing the problem. And so they remained unhooked until just this last weekend when we replaced the batteries and then hooked them back up. All was quiet so we assumed that we'd solved the problem. Until this morning. When they started screaming. Given the bitter cold we're experiencing and the extra heat we're running, I really thought it was for real this time. But a quick inspection of the other two told me that it was a false alarm. Again. So I scaled the ladder and took all but one down. I think I've figured out that we have at least one bad unit and THAT'S causing the middle-of-the-night rude wake-up calls. Until I know for sure, those puppies are not going back up!

Oh, and to make this story better???? I was doing all of this in the DARK this morning b/c we had our 15 min. of rolling blackout right after the damn things starting eeking. Nice!

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