Thursday, February 10, 2011

Karma, Baby!

On Friday afternoon, I ventured out in the neighborhood to check out the winter wonderland. I set out on foot, camera in hand, since the streets certainly weren't passable by car. A quick pass around the cul-de-sac and I headed back to the house to drop off the camera. I didn't want to risk falling down with it any more times than I already had. I picked up Kelli on this stop and we headed out for a little walk.

First stop: the gas easement that runs close to our house. Kelli & I were curious whether the snow collected more here than in other places since it's basically a big hill with gullies running along each side. We tiptoed up the slope to the top to find that it was actually shallower than in our own front yards. A bit surprising to me actually. It was, however, much more slippery since the layer of sleet and ice was not covered with as much snow.

Having come away with the information we sought to find atop the hill, we made our way back down the little incline to the sidewalk. Kelli went first. And as she was oh-so-carefully tiptoeing back down the hill, she slipped, did a little bobble & arm flop, and caught her balance as she dismounted the hill successfully onto the sidewalk. I, of course, found this hilarious and laughed as it all unfolded.

"Nice save," I said in a chuckle as I began my own descent down the mini-mountain.

I was on the steeper part of the hill - not smart enough to go down the flatter side like Kelli did. I took no more than two steps when I, myself, found my footing unsure, slipped, did my own little bobble & arm flap, and proceeded to fall squarely on my arse with a resounding *thud*! Kelli absolutely burst out laughing. And I fell over on the snowy bank and had quite the guffaw myself.

And that, my friends, is why you should never laugh at your friend until you, yourself, have safely dismounted the slippery slope yourself! It's karma, baby!

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