Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Jack Frost

is definitely nipping at my nose! Let me just say BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

For those of you who live in my area, have you had the unfortunate happenstance of going outside today? Oh. My. Lord. When the weathermen said it was going to be bitterly cold, they were NOT kidding. That wind eats through every conceivable layer you can pack on to prevent its icy fingertips from poking you prickily. If I don't have to go outside again until it thaws, well, that'd suit me just fine!

Unlike the last winter weather system that blew through here a coupla weeks ago, this one left no doubt that we'd all be home today. When I got up this morning at oh-dark-thirty and turned on the tv to check out the weather, the first thing I heard was "All school districts in the DFW area are closed today." Wha? DISD actually made a decision before 7 a.m.?? Shocking!

And shortly after that, I got my glorious phone call from the office telling me that we were indeed closed (we base our closure decision on a bifurcated standard in which we assess DISD's decision and weigh it against the County's decision). So I began making my phone calls to my designated folks plus a few extras. I actually started with the group I like to refer to as The Early Birds b/c they get to the office when I do. Early. Then I moved down the list from there. All done before 7!

Once that was all done, I made a mental list of everything I would accomplish today.

  1. First things first, start a fire. 
  2. Change into footed fleece pajamas. 
  3. Make coffee. 
  4. Christen the new waffle maker.
  5. Check email.
  6. Fill some High Notes Ink orders.
  7. Skype w/ Whit about HNI stuff.
  8. Put in some laundry.
  9. Make some cards for fun / new product lines.
  10. Catch up on blogging.
  11. Check email.
  12. Make lunch.
  13. Put in some more laundry.
  14. Think about whether or not it's time to shower/brush the fuzz off the teeth. (Nah! LOL)
  15. Contemplate whether or not I might tackle the long-neglected hell hole we call The Home Office. (No, it's STILL not cleaned up & organized, thankyouverymuchforaskingpfffffft!)
  16. Send the hubby off to work (boo-hiss!).
  17. More blogging. (There's a LOT to catch up on!)
  18. Grab the phone in case work calls with an early decision about tomorrow.
  19. Gaze out the window at the still-falling snow flurries, which, BTW, were NOT supposed to be falling anymore.
  20. Time to fold some laundry.
What's on your agenda??

P.S. Remember my mental note a coupla weeks ago about not riding the bus on bad weather days and riding the train instead? Yeah. Well. Today the train is shut down b/c of high wind & ice on the cables. Go figure!

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