Friday, February 04, 2011

I Wish....

I was a weather person. I would only have to be right 2% of the time and I could still keep my job!!! Talk about missing the mark ... again. That "light dusting" we were going to receive overnight turned into over SIX INCHES. And guess what??? It's snowing again. And they're speculating that we'll receive another 1-2 inches before it stops. I'm home from work a FOURTH day this week. Can anyone remember the last time we had weather like this? Back in the 80s maybe?? CRA-ZY!

But since today we have snow, rather remaining cooped up in the house another day, we're actually gonna venture out later and maybe take Dori for a walk. After all, she's a Husky and she's BEGGING to go outside. She beats on the blinds on the back door at least once an hour and then we have to bundle up to go get her to come back inside. I'm sure she'll love the opportunity to go for a stroll with us through the neighborhood. We'll see if we're actually able to stay upright first tho. There's a solid sheet of ice lurking underneath that 6" of fluffy stuff!

Stay safe & warm, everybody!!!

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