Thursday, February 10, 2011

Karma, Baby!

On Friday afternoon, I ventured out in the neighborhood to check out the winter wonderland. I set out on foot, camera in hand, since the streets certainly weren't passable by car. A quick pass around the cul-de-sac and I headed back to the house to drop off the camera. I didn't want to risk falling down with it any more times than I already had. I picked up Kelli on this stop and we headed out for a little walk.

First stop: the gas easement that runs close to our house. Kelli & I were curious whether the snow collected more here than in other places since it's basically a big hill with gullies running along each side. We tiptoed up the slope to the top to find that it was actually shallower than in our own front yards. A bit surprising to me actually. It was, however, much more slippery since the layer of sleet and ice was not covered with as much snow.

Having come away with the information we sought to find atop the hill, we made our way back down the little incline to the sidewalk. Kelli went first. And as she was oh-so-carefully tiptoeing back down the hill, she slipped, did a little bobble & arm flop, and caught her balance as she dismounted the hill successfully onto the sidewalk. I, of course, found this hilarious and laughed as it all unfolded.

"Nice save," I said in a chuckle as I began my own descent down the mini-mountain.

I was on the steeper part of the hill - not smart enough to go down the flatter side like Kelli did. I took no more than two steps when I, myself, found my footing unsure, slipped, did my own little bobble & arm flap, and proceeded to fall squarely on my arse with a resounding *thud*! Kelli absolutely burst out laughing. And I fell over on the snowy bank and had quite the guffaw myself.

And that, my friends, is why you should never laugh at your friend until you, yourself, have safely dismounted the slippery slope yourself! It's karma, baby!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Snow-pocalypse 2.0

Howdy from a blustery, f-f-f-f-freeeeeeezing N. Texas! We're now into our second round of wintry weather as sleet fell heavily this morning and it is currently snowing like nobody's business here. C-RAZY to say the least!

As promised, I did actually venture out in the snow last week ... with the Husky, of course. But I realized today, after signing onto the ol' blog to figure out where I left off last week, that I never posted pictures (or stories) from our little trek. Shame, shame! So, as I sit here in the craft room watching the snow breeze by (it really IS pretty, even if it makes a mess of things) and pile up once again, I decided to edit some photos AND video from last week's Snow-pocalypse (thanks, Gayla, for that one!) and make a little movie montage for you to enjoy. The stories will come in separate posts this week b/c they're good enough to stand on their own. Oh, and while I'm on the subject of separate posts, I'll have a really fun one about photos that I found in the office while cleaning in there. Some real jewels, let me tell ya. You won't want to miss 'em! *grin* But for now, on to that montage....

And now that I'm done with that morning time-suck (tho it was fun), I must now do something productive. What, you may ask? Well, I've got two choices: make cards or clean the office. Which one do you think I'll choose? *snicker*

Friday, February 04, 2011

I Wish....

I was a weather person. I would only have to be right 2% of the time and I could still keep my job!!! Talk about missing the mark ... again. That "light dusting" we were going to receive overnight turned into over SIX INCHES. And guess what??? It's snowing again. And they're speculating that we'll receive another 1-2 inches before it stops. I'm home from work a FOURTH day this week. Can anyone remember the last time we had weather like this? Back in the 80s maybe?? CRA-ZY!

But since today we have snow, rather remaining cooped up in the house another day, we're actually gonna venture out later and maybe take Dori for a walk. After all, she's a Husky and she's BEGGING to go outside. She beats on the blinds on the back door at least once an hour and then we have to bundle up to go get her to come back inside. I'm sure she'll love the opportunity to go for a stroll with us through the neighborhood. We'll see if we're actually able to stay upright first tho. There's a solid sheet of ice lurking underneath that 6" of fluffy stuff!

Stay safe & warm, everybody!!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Rude Awakening

I had intended to sleep in a little today, but my plans were thwarted when I was rudely awakened at 0545! Oy! I neglected to complain about mention that we've been having some issues with the smoke detectors that came with our house.

You: what other smoke detectors would you be talking about? Smoke detectors are required, Grasshoppa!
Me: I know. Let me explain.

We have two sets of smoke detectors: the six originals that were installed throughout the house as part of new construction and the two high-tech heat/smoke detectors that were installed and are monitored by our alarm company. The originals are powered two ways - direct wiring and 9V batteries. The other two are powered by the alarm system.

Several weeks ago, we were rudely awakened in the middle of the night by the originals. And for the record, how in the WORLD do people sleep through their smoke alarms going off? B/c let me tell you, there just ain't no way!!!!

Aaaaaanywho, we do a quick assessment and determine it is indeed a false alarm. And then they stopped. All by themselves. Alrighty. Back to bed then. We-he-hell, that would have been a good idea EXCEPT the stupid alarms went off randomly all. night. long. So what did we do? We unhooked the damn things. Yes, we did. Every single one AND took their batteries out. B/c you don't turn them off just by de-batterying them or just by unhooking them from the direct wiring. You have to do BOTH to silence those little screamers.

We decided that it had to be a battery causing the problem. And so they remained unhooked until just this last weekend when we replaced the batteries and then hooked them back up. All was quiet so we assumed that we'd solved the problem. Until this morning. When they started screaming. Given the bitter cold we're experiencing and the extra heat we're running, I really thought it was for real this time. But a quick inspection of the other two told me that it was a false alarm. Again. So I scaled the ladder and took all but one down. I think I've figured out that we have at least one bad unit and THAT'S causing the middle-of-the-night rude wake-up calls. Until I know for sure, those puppies are not going back up!

Oh, and to make this story better???? I was doing all of this in the DARK this morning b/c we had our 15 min. of rolling blackout right after the damn things starting eeking. Nice!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Jack Frost

is definitely nipping at my nose! Let me just say BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

For those of you who live in my area, have you had the unfortunate happenstance of going outside today? Oh. My. Lord. When the weathermen said it was going to be bitterly cold, they were NOT kidding. That wind eats through every conceivable layer you can pack on to prevent its icy fingertips from poking you prickily. If I don't have to go outside again until it thaws, well, that'd suit me just fine!

Unlike the last winter weather system that blew through here a coupla weeks ago, this one left no doubt that we'd all be home today. When I got up this morning at oh-dark-thirty and turned on the tv to check out the weather, the first thing I heard was "All school districts in the DFW area are closed today." Wha? DISD actually made a decision before 7 a.m.?? Shocking!

And shortly after that, I got my glorious phone call from the office telling me that we were indeed closed (we base our closure decision on a bifurcated standard in which we assess DISD's decision and weigh it against the County's decision). So I began making my phone calls to my designated folks plus a few extras. I actually started with the group I like to refer to as The Early Birds b/c they get to the office when I do. Early. Then I moved down the list from there. All done before 7!

Once that was all done, I made a mental list of everything I would accomplish today.

  1. First things first, start a fire. 
  2. Change into footed fleece pajamas. 
  3. Make coffee. 
  4. Christen the new waffle maker.
  5. Check email.
  6. Fill some High Notes Ink orders.
  7. Skype w/ Whit about HNI stuff.
  8. Put in some laundry.
  9. Make some cards for fun / new product lines.
  10. Catch up on blogging.
  11. Check email.
  12. Make lunch.
  13. Put in some more laundry.
  14. Think about whether or not it's time to shower/brush the fuzz off the teeth. (Nah! LOL)
  15. Contemplate whether or not I might tackle the long-neglected hell hole we call The Home Office. (No, it's STILL not cleaned up & organized, thankyouverymuchforaskingpfffffft!)
  16. Send the hubby off to work (boo-hiss!).
  17. More blogging. (There's a LOT to catch up on!)
  18. Grab the phone in case work calls with an early decision about tomorrow.
  19. Gaze out the window at the still-falling snow flurries, which, BTW, were NOT supposed to be falling anymore.
  20. Time to fold some laundry.
What's on your agenda??

P.S. Remember my mental note a coupla weeks ago about not riding the bus on bad weather days and riding the train instead? Yeah. Well. Today the train is shut down b/c of high wind & ice on the cables. Go figure!

What Would You Do ....

With a freebie day off from work??? Well, lucky for you, I'm planning to catch up on my blogging. Believe it or not, I actually have a number of posts still saved as drafts. Just in case you thought I'd given up blogging altogether. *snicker* Things have just been crazy-busy and I could never get a post finished & ready to publish. So, since it looks like I'm gonna be iced in for a better part of this week, I can actually get those all wrapped up. (For all you Google Reader followers out there, the sequence of posts may not make as much sense since the publish date will be in real time rather than when I originally intended for the post to publish.)

But for right now, I'm off to whip up some homemade waffles. And that's something you don't hear every day, especially around here. Since I haven't yet christened my new waffle maker (thanks, D&O) and I've clearly got a lot of time on my hands, seems like a good way to start the day. Hot coffee & waffles, here I come!

EDITED TO ADD: For those of you who don't follow me in Google Reader, you'll have to click Older Posts at the bottom of the page (waaaaaaay down there at the bottom) to get to all of the posts that I'm catching up on for the month of January. If you don't, you'll surely miss something! (Not that it's earth-shattering, but still. I make a funny every once in a while. *wink*)