Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We Made Our Milestone!

Howdy, folks! I told you I was gonna be busy last week, and I wasn't kiddin'. My house & my husband are none too worse for the wear, but they're definitely glad to have me back into a more relaxed schedule.

High Notes Ink's official launch went smashingly well, if I do say so myself! The in-home show was very well-attended, and our product flew out the door like hotcakes. We couldn't be more thrilled! Aaaaaand, according to our business plan, we've hit our first milestone which means that we have enough money in the bank to make this baby official. *giggling with glee* Somebody pinch me! *OUCH*

Seriously though, now I have to work on getting all the legal ducks in a row, which means a lot of research, a lot of paperwork, and some moolah. But it's such a nice place to be in and we certainly didn't think we'd get here as quickly as we have. So thanks to ALL of you who have been a part of High Notes Ink's launch! We wouldn't be here without you!

With that big thing out of the way, I now have some time to actually get some stuff done. I've long-neglected some housework. (Hello, Christmas decorations!) So I'll move that to the top of the list. Whitney, my super-awesome business partner, has even volunteered herself to help me do a complete reorg of my house. I know, right?! AWESOME! I keep telling her that she's crazy, but she keeps telling me that she loves to clean & organize and that it's easier to toss stuff when someone ELSE tells you that youreallyneedtothrowthatcrapout! LOL!

So now we should be back to regular programming. As in, gee, is she EVER gonna post anything?!

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