Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today, while I was in training for my office's new e-filing system, I got a phone call from my voice teacher. It's unusual for her to call me during the day, unless she's calling to reschedule a lesson. But I knew quickly after hearing her voicemail that it was unlikely that she was calling about my next lesson. So while on our first break for the training session, I called her back.

As I feared, she was not calling with good news. In fact, her first words were, "I wish I was calling you with good news." Instead, she was calling to tell me that one of our friends had been killed in a car accident  early Tuesday morning. I had actually heard about the accident on the news on Tuesday morning and thought "how awful" after hearing the story.

Rick was a Type I diabetic and he had a devil of a time managing it. It was not unusual for him to have "episodes." Having traveled with him on a number of choir tours, you learned very quickly how to recognize the signs of one of his episodes. And it was a "quick, give me a peppermint" before everything was under control again. It is believed that he had one of these while driving on Monday night, got lost, and then crashed after failing to make a necessary turn at a dead-end road. Unfortunately, rescue workers were unable to get to him after the crash b/c the car was already engulfed in flames by the time they arrived.

Cortni (Rick's daughter), Rick, and Me in Ireland
Naturally, we are all in shock. Rick was so kind, a fantastic musician, and just an all-around nice guy who would give you the shirt off his back if you asked him for it. And his loss will certainly be felt by many. I will cherish the few occasions I got to sing with him. It was truly an honor!

And I will be equally as honored to sing him home at his memorial service, along with many, many others of his musician friends!

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