Monday, January 10, 2011


Weather in North Texas is unpredictable at best. Today is a perfect example of what a cluster the weather really is.

So the weather forecasters talk about the latest winter weather system headed our way ALL WEEKEND. And whaddya know, I come out of church yesterday to snow falling like nobody's business & accumulations already on the ground. Lovely. So now the question is: what does this mean for Monday's commute?? That, my friends, turned out to be a million dollar question that ended up being worth way more than that in insurance claims!

I get up today at my regular time - oh dark thirty - and turn on the tv ... hopeful that we at least have a delay. I mean, we still have STUFF on the ground for pete's sake. DISD insists that they're opening on time. So I did what any good employee would do, I got ready for work. Still secretly hoping that I'd get that phone call telling me not to worry about it.

As I'm getting ready for work, road conditions are going from bad to worse after freezing fog moved in & began coating all of the road surfaces in a thin sheet of ice. But it's WAY past the time that my office makes the call about closing so I hop in my car and go to the bus stop.

My first clue to turn around and go home should have come when my 5-minute commute to the park-n-ride turned into a 20-minute commute. That short bridge over Ray Hubbard that I cross every morning was quite slippery and was causing quite the traffic snarl. So I knew that I was going to miss the bus that I usually take and probably the one after that too.

I get to the park-n-ride to find a long line of folks waiting on the bus. Clearly more than one bus was a no-show that morning b/c this was way more folks than should be waiting at this hour. Sure enough, the bus I was aiming for hadn't come and the one after it was, at this point, 5 minutes late. Great. Do I go get in my car & try the train or wait and see if a bus shows?? Keep in mind that I'm standing out in the bitter cold & whipping wind as I make this decision. But I was saved by the arrival of a bus. Bus it is then!

Oh how I would live to regret that decision! Little did I know that the HOV lane isn't open on inclement weather days. So that meant that we were forced to drive the highway like every other Tom, Dick, and Harry. And it tweren't pretty! It took us more than 30 min. to go 3/4 mi. Oh yeah, you read that right. So what is ordinarily a 60-minute door-to-door commute for me turned into 2.5 HOURS!!!

Lesson learned, my friends. On winter weather days, take the train!!!

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