Friday, January 14, 2011

Open Letter

Dear Subway:

Thank you for listening to your patrons who begged asked you to consider adding a gluten-free menu. I was thrilled to hear that Dallas would be a test market for your new gluten-free options. I decided to try out the store by my office today since I didn't have anything for lunch. I called first since I wasn't sure every restaurant would be participating and was pleased to hear that they were a part of the test group. When I came in, the on-duty manager was very courteous and walked the sandwich-ista through the process step-by-step. It was apparent that you've had training in safe handling of gluten-free food. (There are still some things I could suggest to you, but I suspect that others will take care of that for me. Or perhaps I will mention it on my next visit.) Everyone at your store was kind and courteous. And they were thrilled to have their first request for gluten-free.

Thank you for making it a very pleasant experience. I WILL be back for more!

P.S. That gluten-free brownie is sinfully delicious and worth ALL 350 glorious Calories!!!!

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