Sunday, January 30, 2011

Guess What I Did???

Anybody?? Who guessed cleaned up the office? Show of hands out there. *insert the EH Jeopardy buzzer* And my answer to that is .... I WISH!

For anybody who follows me on Facebook, I posted waaaaaaay back on Jan. 18 that "it's time again to bid adieu to the christmas decorations...." Well, I didn't exactly get around to doing anything about that. And so there they all sat, staring me in the face. No more excuses. They had to go.

So I got up and got started early yesterday. And when it was all said and done, the decorations came down, replaced with winter ones, of course. (Hello, snowmen!) And the house is de-sparkled, tho sparkling ... after a thorough vacuuming. It's nice to have that done. Finally.

So I could definitely enjoy the rest of the weekend. We had the neighbors over for dinner last night and they're coming over again tonight. We haven't seen them in a while, so it'll be good to have the gang back together. Great blog material, though most of it not suitable for public viewing. *wink*

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Whitney, everybody knows that! said...

you had me going, missy!!!! hehe.