Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cutie Head Moment #4098723140752

After yesterday's nightmare commute, one might think that things couldn't get any worse. And yet ...

So here I was walking to work from the bus stop like any other day. It's really bloody cold, and I'm all bundled up to protect myself from the whipping wind and frigid temps - complete with Under Armor and tabbogan. Never leave home without 'em! But I digress.

So I'm walking and get to the last crosswalk before getting to my office building. And *WHAM* just as happy as you please, I'm not walking anymore. No. Seriously. I was walking ... and then I wasn't. Instead, I was falling. Face first into the crosswalk. Somehow I managed to catch my wits enough to brace myself for the *kersplat* that was sure to follow. And follow it did. I went skidding across the crosswalk on my hands and knees. I quickly hop up and try to look cool. You know, like, NOYOUDIDNOTSEETHATHAPPEN. Took a quick assessment: everything's moving (check), clothes not ripped (check), get to office as quickly as possible (double check).

TTL I had on all those layers b/c I'm pretty sure that's the only thing that saved me from some serious injury, not to mention holes in my pants. When I finally get to my office (remember, we have ridiculous security to clear every morning), I head straight to the bathroom to REALLY assess the damage/remove the Under Armor b/c who leaves that on the whole day?! And that's when it became quite clear that I did not escape my latest little Cutie Head Moment unscathed. Nosirree. My knee was bloody like you read about. And there's no doubt that it's gonna HURT tomorrow!

And for those of you who may be wondering,

  • no, I didn't have on a pair of my crazy, ridiculous shoes,
  • no, there was no ice in the crosswalk,
  • and no, I didn't trip.
So here's yet another story to add to my ever-growing list of Embarrassing Things That Happen to Me on My Way to Work.

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