Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Round-Up

All of the packages are opened and put away, and it's now time to take a little stock in all of what the holidays had to offer. To sum it up in three words: great family time!

Our holidays started early. On the 19th, to be exact, when we had some friends over for dinner and a little Santa. Our big gift to our families was a little different this year. We are all blessed in abundance and no one really needs anything. So rather than buying a bunch of gifts, we adopted a needy family and bought everything on their wish lists instead. And what makes this even neater is that we all know the family. To say that this family had a really tough 2010 would be an understatement. And to say that this act of kindness really made their 2010 would likewise be an understatement. I think these photos from our evening with them speak volumes.

We enjoyed Christmas Day with Derek's parents. We started with brunch and ended with a delicious steak dinner. It had been a while since we had been to visit them. Terrible to say but life really does get in the way of quality family time sometimes. And that's certainly true of most of 2010. So it was nice to set aside an entire day to enjoy a leisurely visit. They set us up with loads of Frog gear, so we're definitely all set for game day. But I think we had the most fun with the hilariously fun remote control cars. LOL

My family came over on Sunday afternoon. We don't get much time to really sit and visit either, so it was nice to have the afternoon to do some catching up. My nephew provided great entertainment for us all. And he was particularly helpful with opening packages. didn't want that package open, Aunt Susan?? LOL!

And now we count down the days until the new year and the Rose Bowl. Both are just around the corner. Where does all the time go?!

NOTE: I began drafting this before New Year's but was unable to get it finished before we left on our trip. Just in case those of you reading in Google Reader are a little confused.

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