Thursday, November 18, 2010

Keepin' It Real

My grandmother dropped me an email the other day that went something like (I'm paraphrasing), "I can't keep up with you on your blog if you don't write anything. So I'm emailing you instead." Well, there's no denying the truth in that one, now, is there. Let's just be honest, I haven't felt like keeping all of you in the loop, so I've given the blog the cold shoulder. Be offended if you want, but that'sthetruthscout'shonor.

Quite honestly, I started this post TWO WEEKS ago, if that tells you anything about my motivation as of late. Between you and me, I've been a little blue. Ordinarily, I think I would classify myself as a Glass Half Full kind of gal. But the end of October wasn't full of its usual joy and November hasn't necessarily been much better.

For those of you who are interested, click below for the Reader's Digest version. (Though some may dispute that the info's actually been digested.)

For those of you who are still with me after the "click here," congratulations! You've just won yourself a one-way trip down Whiney Road. So don't blame me if you feel like jumping out of the car when you get to the end - you've been warned. (Plus, this has to be THE longest post I've ever written. You're welcome!)

By all appearances, things were rocking along pretty well. Particularly in October. I mean, who can be down in the dumps when her husband orchestrates a huge birthday surprise? Or when her big show goes off without a hitch and raises the funds needed for the Christmas orchestra? Or when she gets to celebrate her tenth wedding anniversary? Or when she gets that commissioned piece in her hot little hand and gets to begin working towards that premiere?

Well, apparently, I CAN! The week after the big show closed, the Boss at Ye Olde Church Job brought us two paid singers into her office to deliver some news. Due to a financial crisis, ministries are being cut. "Decisions haven't been made about where the cuts will come, but there is serious talk about cutting full-time staff to part-time." So it only goes to follow that those of us who are part-time are likely on the chopping block. And generally speaking, when budgets get cut, music is always number one on the list. After several miserable weeks, the boss told us that she had received word that we would still be employed but couldn't speak to whether our hourly pay rate might be cut. Final word will come after our big Christmas program. This has proved quite a conundrum for the two of us. Do we stay? Do we go? This job has afforded us so, so many opportunities to sing some wonderful music. But I also can't help but feel a little burned out. IF I decided to give notice, it means that I could find a church that BOTH Derek and I would attend and perhaps (and most preferable) within the city in which we live. But then there's that part of me that feels that I owe it to the Boss to stick around. Decisions, decisions ... and I'm totally on the fence!

The silver lining is that Whitney and I started thinking about what we could do to supplement the income that we are likely to lose from the singing gig. We are both avid paper crafters (i.e. scrapbookers, cardmakers, etc.) and have spent many a weekend playing in the craft room. Individually, we have both toyed with the idea of turning our hobby into a marketable business but both of us found it too overwhelming to undertake on our own. Over breakfast one Sunday morning, Whitney pitched the idea of going into business together. Together we have ample resources and know-how to do so and the grand plans began taking shape. In just a few short weeks, we have formulated our business structure, our business plan, and our first product line. And we have been busy making the first round of products. (Another BIG reason that I haven't been blogging.) We will have two Open House parties in just a few short weeks. So if you're interested and don't think that you're on my radar for being invited, definitely shoot me an email or comment on this post (those come to my inbox too). Next week, we'll be sending out invitations for Open House, as well as for the launch of our website, where you will get exclusive sneak-peaks of all of our products, as well as have chances to win free product. Whitney and I are SUPER excited as are the friends and family we have told. So for those of you who have said, "I really think you should sell these cards," your wishes have been granted!

Last week, I was home all week long tending to my Floor Potato. Most of you know that Derek has been plagued with back problems off and on over the last five years or so. Sunday he complained of being uncomfortable, like he had slept funny or something. As the day dragged on, it got worse and he was even more uncomfortable. By the time he got ready to go to bed, it was uncomfortable even sitting in a chair. The next morning, he couldn't get out of bed without a great deal of pain. In fact, once he rolled out of bed (I'm not kidding!) and crawled to the bathroom, he didn't get back up off the floor until the following Sunday! Oy! I spread the cushions from the patio furniture, cushions which live in the house when we're not using them outside since they don't dry worth a damn when they get wet, on the floor in the den. And this is where Derek spent the rest of the week and most of the weekend. Hence the name Floor Potato. Long story short, the doctor thinks that it's a disc problem this time. Derek goes for an MRI today, so we'll know for sure and know the extent of the problem. And it will also tell us whether physical therapy will be effective. In the meantime, Derek's going to PT twice a week until further notice. Assuming it is a disc and it's not severe, PT should do the trick. If not, the next step is usually injections and then surgery. We're obviously hoping for the best!

The silver lining to being home tending to the Floor Potato all last week was that I got LOTS of stuff done around the house. I cleared up the clutter in the kitchen and kept up with the dishes. I scrubbed both of the bathrooms so that the tiles and other surfaces actually sparkle now. (That, my friends, took a lot of elbow grease. Why, oh why, do I let the bathrooms get so disgusting?!) And I purged and reorganized under all of the bathroom sinks. I cleaned out drawers in the bedrooms. I cleaned up the master closet. (Who knew that thing was THAT big?!) I reorganized the guest bedroom closet, which I use to store my seasonal decorations, as well as all of my wrapping supplies. And I did ALL of the laundry. Yep. ALL of it. (And you know how I feel about laundry!) I have a big hamper full of stuff to go to the cleaners. *shudder* I hate to think what THAT will cost me. But I can't even give stuff away until it goes to the cleaners, it's so wrinkled and who even knows if it was clean in the first place! And by the end of the week, all of the projects (I wanted to tackle) were mastered and I got to work on the card business stuff in the craft room. Yep. It was a productive week around the house. If it paid the same, I might consider being a housewife. *snort*

Let's throw in some other things for fun to wrap up this novel that I called the Reader's Digest Version of the last month of our lives. But pictures will make it better, right? Especially if they're mostly pictures of my cutie-pie nephew? *wink*

The Squirt dressed up as Tigger for Halloween. OMG, isn't he the cutest?!
And here he is with his birthday cupcake. Amazing how quickly a year has gone by!
And here's the Little Stinker on his baptism day (with mom & dad & the pastor). He was so good that Sunday and entertained us all. He only cried when mean ol' Aunt Susan tried to fish out the big hunk of paper he was chewing on from the bulletin (that SHE gave him!) from his mouth.
And, of course, I couldn't resist showing off (one of the very few) photos we have together. Nom, nom, couldn't you just eat those cheeks?? (His, not mine, silly!)


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