Monday, October 11, 2010


That one little word sums up the entire weekend rather nicely. Two successful shows, a birthday, a surprise, and lots of friends and family. I am truly blessed!

Thank you to everyone who supported Side by Side by Sondheim in some form or fashion. Without each and every one of you, the show could not have been a success! Thanks to the other singers and accompanists who spent countless hours rehearsing. Thanks to Daon for your patience and tireless effort to turn us into Singers Who Can Move. Thanks to the behind-the-scenes folks for taking care of all the little details. Thanks to those of you who attended the performances or who, in absence, gave a donation. But most importantly, thank you to the spouses/significant others who loved and supported us through this tiring (and sometimes frustrating) process.

Aside from performing this weekend, I also celebrated another birthday. And on Saturday night, Derek surprised me after the show. For those of you who don't know Derek, he cannot buy a gift and hang onto it. It burns a hole in his pocket. So this year, he gave my gift to a friend to hang onto so he wouldn't be tempted to give it to me early. He (very easily) coerced friends and family to participate in surprising me after Saturday's show. Aside from a birthday this month, we will also celebrate our TENTH wedding anniversary. So he gave me beautiful roses and got down on one knee and proposed all over again. For those of you who know our original proposal story, this one was proper! *snicker* It was truly a very special evening.

Today, I've enjoyed a day of rest. I haven't done much of anything that I didn't want to do. Unless you count that trip to the DMV to get a new driver's license. *giggle* But that was actually pretty painless - in and out in 20 min. and that was AFTER going through the line twice because I neglected to complete a new form where they just about ask you what brand of underwear you wear. I even managed to avoid doing any household chores, though I should probably at least reconsider the laundry since I have no clean underoos for tomorrow. I kid. Kinda. *chuckle*

From the bottom of my heart, thanks, everyone! This was a spectacular weekend!

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Aggie99 said...

Ah, that picture of you and Derek is so sweet. Probably better than the few I took but when I get a chance, I will send them to you. :)