Friday, October 15, 2010

Things: Installment 57

Coming down off the show high, well, I'm a bit of an emotional mess. I'm glad that it's over. I'm sad that it's over. I'm a little anxious to get on with the next project. I'm glad to have nothing to do. So that's what this week's Things Series is all about.

Things You Should or Shouldn't Do After Completing a Big Project
  • You should definitely enjoy a day or two of doing absolutely nothing. It's very cathartic!
  • You should enjoy a long-overdue Girls Night Out - i.e. margaritas and shoes for our bunch. (On tonight's agenda!)
  • You should not, under any circumstances, read sappy love poems in search of the perfect one for your anniversary card! You will, most certainly, get teary-eyed if not shed a for-reals tear.
  • You should definitely not say goodbye to one of your closest friends before he leaves for active duty. You are in no state to handle such things. Tell him to come back next week and try again. (If only...)
  • You should not avoid housework. Those dust bunnies have built megaplexes in your absence. They must be stopped.
  • You should not wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat after dreaming about choreography. Enough already. You rocked it!
  • You should get crafty. I don't know about you, but a little ink on the fingers is good for the soul!
  • You should catch up on your long-neglected DVR. Your husband will thank you for freeing up the space he needs to record his very important cartoons.
  • You should definitely start working on your husband's anniversary gift. Particularly since you now know what you have to live up to in the expectations department!
  • You should do some laundry. The sniff test won't help you now.
  • You should enjoy time with friends. Kick back. Have a few. Chat. Giggle. Sing karaoke. You know, live a little!

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Whitney, everybody knows that! said...

Those are GREAT recommendations!! haha. and ink on the fingers is good for the soul!!