Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where the Heck ARE You?

As you can see from my clear remiss in posting, I am most definitely in "show mode." Every moment of every day is spent working on some part of the show - from working on music to learning choreography to making cue books for the behind-the-scenes folks to assembling props and stage pieces, there really is no end. It is an all-consuming project, making it quite difficult to even think about anything else. I go to bed thinking about the staging for the more subtle pieces or choreography for a number I'm struggling with. I wake up in the middle of the night with some new idea or fear or *aha* something I'd forgotten. And then I get up and do it all over again the next day.

You: But, Grasshoppa. Why? It doesn't sound like any fun. 
Me: ... Because I love it. For the sheer joy of doing it. For the challenge. For the growth that always comes from an endeavor like this one. And it really is fun. Still, there's a reason I have a "day job:"  quite simply, as much as I love music, I could not pursue it as a full-time gig because it is too all-consuming. There would be nothing left for anything else. And I have lots of anything-elses that I enjoy doing when I'm not singing.

And I've done some of those anything-elses in the last several weeks, too. Labor Day was pretty low key. I worked in the home office some more. We had some friends over to watch football. I scrapbooked and made some cards. And I did have a rehearsal, but it was a fun one - we danced with umbrellas. In the front yard. The neighbors were entertained. But no one left us a tip. *sniff* Last weekend was (mostly) taken up with my high school reunion for which you will get to hear some hilarious stories later. Hmmm....maybe I can get Derek to do a guest post?? *hint, hint* That would be an entertaining tale of hillbillies and yuppies meetin' 'neath the ol' country pine at the Best Western!

I'll do my best to pop in a few times here and there over the next several weeks. But as the time to cram things in the noodle draws (too) quickly to a close, don't get too concerned if I go off the radar again. I'll meet ya back here on the flip side.

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