Friday, September 24, 2010

Things: Installment 55

Since I'm in full-on show mode, the next several weeks of Things will be dedicated to all things Side by Side. You: But is there really that much material? Me: Of course! Plus, it's my show & I can plug it again (and again) if I want to! *wink*

Things Overheard in Rehearsal
  • No, Susan, your other left!
  • Well, if the divas don't want to sing it, of course they'll give it to someone else!
  • I won't lie, those shoes scare me a little bit.
  • You look a little stiff.
  • Just call me the dancing penguin.
  • I just pulled a Susan.
  • But my hips don't mooooooove like that.
  • Pardon me a moment, I have to go cry in the hallway.
  • Tim, you can just stand there for this part. *Tim all but dances a jig*
  • The last time I worked with a choreographer, I made her cry.
  • You want us to stroke his arm?
  • I swear that my lack of enthusiasm has nothing to do with you.
  • Right, this is a church production!


Aggie99 said...

Hmmmm, funny that I think most of those were heard during DANCE rehearsal. :)

Susan said...

i could remember those better b/c there was such a plethera to choose from. but no worries, the music rehearsal nuggets will also appear!