Friday, September 03, 2010

Things: Installment 52

Because it's been really quiet around the office for the last several weeks, I decided to take some personal time the end of last week. I was tired of just complaining about the wreck that we call a Home Office and decided to actually do something about it ... other than just move the piles around. So, how about we take a look at some of the (bizarre) things I've found stashed in the office?

Things I've Found While Cleaning Out the Home Office
  • Poultry seasoning - I kid you not! I'm guessing that this fell out of one of the bags that Derek took camping. Why was that bag in the office? Your guess is as good as mine.
  • Business cards - about 500 of Derek's, to be exact. Why on earth they're not in the box they came in  beats the heck out of me. I'm sure they fell off the bookshelf at one point and no one (ahem) ever bothered to pick them up & put them back in the box.
  • An unopened bottle of baby oil - Um. I'm not even sure what to think about this find.
  • Computer programs - Which isn't so bad until you consider that they were all for PCs and we're a 100% Mac household!
  • Bills and statements from closed accounts - I really thought I'd purged all of the stuff from accounts we no longer have, but apparently, I missed a whole box of 'em.
  • Bills and statements from 2000 - Seriously, I think I can dispose of these now, don't you?
  • Old photos - I found some of my senior pictures, some photos from church camps in the late 90s, our engagement photos, and some of Derek's old photos from Disney, just to name a few. It was fun to walk down memory lane. They're now all in one box together to peruse again another day when I want to remember "the good ol' days."
  • A bottle of vitamins - I think Derek was hiding them from me so that I'd think he was actually taking them.
  • College scrapbook - I think I kept everything from my college days. I have papers that I wrote, newspaper clippings, certificates for making the Dean's List, rosters for civic organizations, notes from my roommate, etc., etc., etc. Man, I'm a packrat!!
  • Cards - Cards from wedding showers, from wedding gifts, from birthdays, from anniversaries, from holidays. Cards, cards everywhere! I won't lie, I looked at every single one of them & decided to keep some of them.
  • My baby book - My mom went on a cleaning streak at her house several years ago and brought me boxes and boxes of things that I'd left at her house or things that she'd found in the cedar chest that she thought I'd want. Clearly my mom liked documenting things as much when I was little as she does now b/c the entire book is full - not a single page left blank. So if I wanna know the first solid food I ate, it's in there. First word - check. First birthday present - check. First tooth - check.
  • Boxes - All because I thought I might need to keep them for warranty purposes. In hindsight, not. so. much. So all of those puppies went to the recycle bin. From old cell phones (like my first one that I bought in 1999) to Wii equipment to iPods (that are now defunct) to iPads (both of them) to ... well, you get the idea.
  • Old cell phones - Several of which were broken. Why on earth would I save phones that don't even work? But know what else I found? Those handy little cell phone recycler bags. Zipped those puppies in there and sent them to wherever those things go. Thank you, Sprint!
I think this gives you a pretty embarrassingly clear idea of the kind of crap I like to keep hanging around for years beyond its shelflife. Well, let me be the first to tell you, NO MORE! (And you all can remind me of this the next time I purge the office and give you a similar list of junk that I've ratted away for safe keeping.)


Aggie99 said...

Good thing you finished up that office. Sounds like you were getting close to your own Hoarders episode. Heh. But one room isn't so bad....everyone's got to have that one place, right?

Olga said...

you should be like dave and i....toss everything now...worry later!

Anonymous said...

The finds in your office were hysterical. We all have things we've kept for years and wonder why later. Now, poultry seasoning in the office? That is more than strange. Glad you didn't find a whole chicken, oh btw, that was your first word! :)