Thursday, August 05, 2010

Yes, Thank You, I'll Take That Cheese Now

Or, in the alternative, How to Spend a Ridiculous Amount of Money Without Really Trying. Background. July 15th was going to be one of those days. Derek calls me mid-morning to tell me that the a/c was blowing moderately cool air and the house was getting warmer by the minute. He calls the repair company we contract regular maintenance service with and they say they can make it out sometime that afternoon. The great sit-and-wait game may now commence.

Around 11ish, I get the long-awaited phone call from my mom telling me that my grandfather had passed away and would Derek agree to be a pallbearer. I hang up with her, after miraculously holding my sh** together, and call Derek only to lose it when I actually get him on the phone to break the news / pose the question to him. Nice. I just love falling apart at work! But it couldn't be helped! So we make plans for me to head to East Texas that afternoon, where I would spend the remainder of the weekend helping with the arrangements and just generally "being there" for my mom.

The a/c repairman comes a little after lunch. There's good news and bad news. Good news: your compressor is fine. Bad news: you have a freon leak & I don't have time to do the full repair today. It took 5 lbs. of freon to refill the unit & get things cooling properly. "This should last you until Monday when I come back." For $250 plus a service call, IT BETTER!!!!

Fastforward. I head to East Texas early Friday morning. Saturday morning my brother is scheduled to move (a whole saga unto itself) and I've asked Derek to help him since none of the rest of us would now be available to be the moving crew. Like every good BIL, he dutifully helps my brother swap houses in the heat. He gets home mid-afternoon, and soon after, my cell rings. "It's hot in here again." My response. Um. Yeah. Well. Not really suitable for reprint. Let's just say it was something like, "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!" Another call to the a/c company. Another service call. Another round of freon. "We'll just add this one to the repair bill for Monday." Oh. Gee. Thankshowkindofyou!

Fastforward. Repairman comes to fix the bloody unit on Monday. "I've got good news and bad news." Gee. Where've I heard that before?! *insert monstrous eyeroll* Bad news: it's not just one freon leak; it's five - one large leak, a medium-sized one, and at least three small ones. There's no way to repair it; the only option is to replace the entire attic unit. Good news: this fixes your problem with the heater pulling too much amperage. Oh. Right. The proverbial two birds with one stone thing. Am I supposed to feel better? 'Cause... Not. So. Much. Especially after I hear what it's gonna cost me. *cough, hack, gag* wewon'tevengothere

So ... yes, I will take some cheese with that whine. And perhaps I will have that while riding in the waaaaaaaaaa-am-bu-lance. B/c dude. This was So. Not. In. The. Budget!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Did you mention it's HOT outside?


(you can't hit me on the computer :))

Olga said...

That's a serious Bummer! Is it all good to go I assume?