Friday, August 20, 2010

Things: Installment 51

Since I've begun the arduous task of learning choreography for my upcoming show, I thought it would be fun to have a post all about dancing. Let the chassé-ing begin!

Some Things About Dancing
  • My first foray into learning any type of dance moves came very early, like before kindergarten, when I started twirling. I was part of a twirling studio and we went to various competitions around the state and competed. A little "Duck Dance" anyone??
  • Then there were the awkward years of junior high when we had dances, yet no one danced. Why? Probably because we were too afraid of making fools of ourselves. That changed in high school when we all said "screw it" and danced like the white folks we really were. lol Which basically means that we looked like flailing chickens, but we had a great time anyway.
  • And then in college, I got "serious" when I discovered the wonders of swing dancing. The Charleston, Lindy Hop, East Coast and West Coast styles ... I loved them all (and still do!). I even went to workshops to learn new techniques and tricks. And dragged my best friend along with me. Jarrod was such a good sport! And it was wicked fun.
  • There was a group of us in college who would go to Dallas every week to swing dance. The Red Jacket and The Sand Castle were our favorite haunts. I was sad to see the mainstream craze die out just after I moved to Dallas permanently.
  • I received my first "real" dancing injury while swing dancing. Fell on my head trying out the "death drop." I swear I heard tweety birds when my head hit the ground!
  • And I received my second, more serious, injury also while swing dancing when I tore my achiles. It was a microtear, but it was still very painful and still meant 8 weeks on crutches. And sadly, I never went back to swing dancing after that.
  • While I would say I was pretty good at swing dancing, I've never really claimed to be a good dancer. Exhibit A - the sad tale of my first theatre dance audition. Laughable, to say the least.
  • I know very few actual step names, unless they're somehow related to swing dancing. In fact, the only classical one I know without thinking about it is included in this post.
  • My hands and my feet often do exactly what they're NOT supposed to do. Right, Daon? lol
  • I have to write down choreography in order to learn it and remember it. Even the simple steps. This is something that should be done AS you're learning it. Don't ask me why I know this.
  • Come see the show in October and judge for yourself whether or not I pass or fail at dancing. Either way, I know I'm gonna have a rockin' good time! (Show info over --> there in the sidebar)


Aggie99 said...

Yes, indeed! Sometimes your hands and feet do their own jig, but it's no biggie. :)

And I've been meaning to tell you, I've noticed while we've been working out that you have a very pretty toe point and arch. Is that totally weird to tell you? Perhaps, especially in a blog comment. Heh. But it's proof to me that you can point those toes! And I will (gently) continue to remind you.

Susan said...

hehe, i'm just glad to know i can actually point my silly toes at all ... even if i don't remember that i can while i'm dancing.