Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School of Hard Knocks

So I had an interesting evening at the gym yesterday.

You: What's so interesting about the gym?
Me: Well, I learned something.
You: Oy, this is gonna be a good one!
Me: Probably.

For the last several months, I've been on a different training schedule - one hard hour a week rather than two. Yesterday, we switched back to our regular three-day-a-week schedule & bumped up our Tues. session to an hour instead of 30 min. I typically do about 20-25 min. of cardio before my weight training, and yesterday was no exception.

Knowing that I was doing a full leg workout yesterday, I took the elliptical at an easy pace - only doing about 1.6 mi - for the 20 min. or so that I was up there. A casual stroll by my standards. Then we hit the legs really hard. We bumped up both weight and reps on everything, and about halfway through, I was really feeling it. Dadgum, my legs were burnin'! And man, was I tired! Pathetic.

Now 45 min. in to my session, I'm on a set that alternates one of the hamstring machines with oblique drops. I do fine on the first two sets of the machine, but on my second set of the oblique drops, I got this sudden wave of UhOhIDon'tFeelSoGood. At the time, my trainer was telling me a story, and I was doing my best to focus on what she was saying at the same time I was focusing on PleaseDon'tPuke.

My trainer must have known something was amiss. In a matter of minutes, she had asked me if I was okay, asked me when I ate last, and when I answered "lunch," ran to the snack counter for a protein bar which I took without even reading the label because ... well, at that moment, not passing out and/or puking in the gym was preferred to whatever ramifications I might suffer later if said bar contained wheat. About halfway into the beloved bar of chocolate heaven, I felt much better. (And no, it didn't contain wheat b/c my trainer is awesome & read the label for me!) Crises averted - no puking OR passing out!

So let this be a lesson to you:  if you know you're in for a hard workout in the evening, be sure you have a snack about 4ish! Duh!!

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Tess said...

Oh, I'm so glad you didn't hurl. I have definitely felt close before while I was training, and in fact I have SEEN people do it, right there on the gym floor. You basically never get over that, is my guess.