Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not Too Shabby

So ... in order to get my blood pressure meds refilled recently, I had to go visit my PCP. You may remember me whining about that in this post.  ANYway, on that same visit, I also got orders to have some routine labs run since it had been a while since we'd done any. The nurse had to draw a ridiculous amount of blood, IMHO, to cover all of the labs that my PCP ordered - liver, kidney, thyroid, diabetes, cholesterol ... there may have been more. I've blocked it all out now. I finally called in today to see if the results were in. Long story short: I passed with flying colors. Well, except for that vitamin D. That was a bit on the low side, so I'll now be adding that horsepill supplement to the regimen. Oh joy of joys.

Wanna know how good the numbers looked? I suppose I'll induldge those (few) of you who may be curious. Here's a comparison of the last round (that I documented) and the most recent:

Stats (6/15/07)
BP 100/68
Total Chol - 181
Tri - 79
HDL - 61
LDL - 101

Stats (8/6/10)
BP 105/72
Total Chol - 180
Tri - 107
HDL - 61
LDL - 98


–źLEKSANDRA said...

there is no place to click "I like", so I am going to say that I like your numbers

Tess said...

Oh, yay, STATS.

My Vitamin D level 18 months ago was 23 (BAD), but I found it was pretty easy to raise it with supplements. Sams/Costco sell 2000 IU gelcaps that are TINY.

Susan said...

my vit. d was 20.8! yowza! thanks for the tip on the smaller pills, tess. lordy but i hate those gigantor ones