Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not Too Shabby

So ... in order to get my blood pressure meds refilled recently, I had to go visit my PCP. You may remember me whining about that in this post.  ANYway, on that same visit, I also got orders to have some routine labs run since it had been a while since we'd done any. The nurse had to draw a ridiculous amount of blood, IMHO, to cover all of the labs that my PCP ordered - liver, kidney, thyroid, diabetes, cholesterol ... there may have been more. I've blocked it all out now. I finally called in today to see if the results were in. Long story short: I passed with flying colors. Well, except for that vitamin D. That was a bit on the low side, so I'll now be adding that horsepill supplement to the regimen. Oh joy of joys.

Wanna know how good the numbers looked? I suppose I'll induldge those (few) of you who may be curious. Here's a comparison of the last round (that I documented) and the most recent:

Stats (6/15/07)
BP 100/68
Total Chol - 181
Tri - 79
HDL - 61
LDL - 101

Stats (8/6/10)
BP 105/72
Total Chol - 180
Tri - 107
HDL - 61
LDL - 98

Friday, August 20, 2010

Things: Installment 51

Since I've begun the arduous task of learning choreography for my upcoming show, I thought it would be fun to have a post all about dancing. Let the chassé-ing begin!

Some Things About Dancing
  • My first foray into learning any type of dance moves came very early, like before kindergarten, when I started twirling. I was part of a twirling studio and we went to various competitions around the state and competed. A little "Duck Dance" anyone??
  • Then there were the awkward years of junior high when we had dances, yet no one danced. Why? Probably because we were too afraid of making fools of ourselves. That changed in high school when we all said "screw it" and danced like the white folks we really were. lol Which basically means that we looked like flailing chickens, but we had a great time anyway.
  • And then in college, I got "serious" when I discovered the wonders of swing dancing. The Charleston, Lindy Hop, East Coast and West Coast styles ... I loved them all (and still do!). I even went to workshops to learn new techniques and tricks. And dragged my best friend along with me. Jarrod was such a good sport! And it was wicked fun.
  • There was a group of us in college who would go to Dallas every week to swing dance. The Red Jacket and The Sand Castle were our favorite haunts. I was sad to see the mainstream craze die out just after I moved to Dallas permanently.
  • I received my first "real" dancing injury while swing dancing. Fell on my head trying out the "death drop." I swear I heard tweety birds when my head hit the ground!
  • And I received my second, more serious, injury also while swing dancing when I tore my achiles. It was a microtear, but it was still very painful and still meant 8 weeks on crutches. And sadly, I never went back to swing dancing after that.
  • While I would say I was pretty good at swing dancing, I've never really claimed to be a good dancer. Exhibit A - the sad tale of my first theatre dance audition. Laughable, to say the least.
  • I know very few actual step names, unless they're somehow related to swing dancing. In fact, the only classical one I know without thinking about it is included in this post.
  • My hands and my feet often do exactly what they're NOT supposed to do. Right, Daon? lol
  • I have to write down choreography in order to learn it and remember it. Even the simple steps. This is something that should be done AS you're learning it. Don't ask me why I know this.
  • Come see the show in October and judge for yourself whether or not I pass or fail at dancing. Either way, I know I'm gonna have a rockin' good time! (Show info over --> there in the sidebar)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School of Hard Knocks

So I had an interesting evening at the gym yesterday.

You: What's so interesting about the gym?
Me: Well, I learned something.
You: Oy, this is gonna be a good one!
Me: Probably.

For the last several months, I've been on a different training schedule - one hard hour a week rather than two. Yesterday, we switched back to our regular three-day-a-week schedule & bumped up our Tues. session to an hour instead of 30 min. I typically do about 20-25 min. of cardio before my weight training, and yesterday was no exception.

Knowing that I was doing a full leg workout yesterday, I took the elliptical at an easy pace - only doing about 1.6 mi - for the 20 min. or so that I was up there. A casual stroll by my standards. Then we hit the legs really hard. We bumped up both weight and reps on everything, and about halfway through, I was really feeling it. Dadgum, my legs were burnin'! And man, was I tired! Pathetic.

Now 45 min. in to my session, I'm on a set that alternates one of the hamstring machines with oblique drops. I do fine on the first two sets of the machine, but on my second set of the oblique drops, I got this sudden wave of UhOhIDon'tFeelSoGood. At the time, my trainer was telling me a story, and I was doing my best to focus on what she was saying at the same time I was focusing on PleaseDon'tPuke.

My trainer must have known something was amiss. In a matter of minutes, she had asked me if I was okay, asked me when I ate last, and when I answered "lunch," ran to the snack counter for a protein bar which I took without even reading the label because ... well, at that moment, not passing out and/or puking in the gym was preferred to whatever ramifications I might suffer later if said bar contained wheat. About halfway into the beloved bar of chocolate heaven, I felt much better. (And no, it didn't contain wheat b/c my trainer is awesome & read the label for me!) Crises averted - no puking OR passing out!

So let this be a lesson to you:  if you know you're in for a hard workout in the evening, be sure you have a snack about 4ish! Duh!!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Things: Installment 50

I would love to come at you with something a little more ... interesting, but unfortunately for you, I'm still on a whining kick. So if you're looking for rainbows and unicorns, you might just want to step aside and read the next pole at the train station 'cause I'm in rare form today.

Things I Have to Whine About
  • While the story of the a/c replacement/repair is still fresh on our minds, I thought I would add a little tidbit that I neglected to mention in my previous rant. We've been in our house 7 yrs. Most a/c units have 10 yr warranties - ours being no exception. So we stood to have at least a 3 yr credit towards the new attic unit. *clap, clap* *sarcastic laugh* Um. Yeah. Funny thing about that. When they ran the serial number, it turns out that our particular unit is 11 yrs old. Yep. You read that right. ELEVEN YEARS OLD!!!!!!!! I pitched a major hissy fit, as you can imagine, because WTH, dude. Let's just say that the rest of the rant looked a little something like !@#$%^&*. Needless to say, no credit towards the new unit. *sigh*
  • My allergies are on full tilt again. I either toss & turn all night or I sleep like a rock only to wake up and feel like I haven't slept at all. And there's the crusted-shut eyes and the ooky stuff in the schnoz. BUT it's a little bit better than a few weeks ago (for those of you who got tired of my whiny posts on Facebook). Not that I'm whining any less.
  • OMG, can it get any HOTTER?! You: hello, Captain Obvious, we know! Me: But I want to whine about it, and it's my blog so I'm gonna. *sticks tongue out* Besides, when your thermometer says something like this (see photo), who wouldn't want to whine about it! Yes, my friends, that says 108. And I had been driving for a while so it's not like it was me sitting in my boiling garage or anything. Oy! (Photo too small for you? Click on it)
  • Then, this morning I went to see my PCP b/c he wouldn't call in a refill on one of my scripts at the pharmacy unless I came in to see him. I hate those visits b/c they're a waste of time. Sure, sure. I understand that it's standard, but can't I just "phone it in??" When I scheduled my appointment, the receptionist said, "we'll get you in and out since it's just a routine visit." You know, I should learn to buckle my seatbelt and hang on for the ride when I hear things like that from a doctor's office b/c that phrase right there is sure to tack on AT LEAST 45 min. So for that 5 min. that I spent with the doc, I spent a total of 60 min. in the exam room waiting. And for those of you who know me, waiting is not something I'm good at. At all. Good thing they took my blood pressure first thing!
  • And for some icing on that dr. visit cake, I saw the creepy Pony Tail Guy from my building when I was at the hospital. And not just once but going both in & out of the building. AND he almost ran me over in the parking garage. I could've gone all year without seeing that guy!
  • And to make matters even better, after the marathon at the doctor's office I pull into the train station right as the train is pulling in. Which basically means that there was no way in hell I was going to make that train. Which meant that I would have to wait another 20 min. for the next one. Ozone day be damned, I'm driving to work! And I like driving to work (and paying the ridiculous fare to park) about as much as I like waiting.
  • You know that show I'm scheduled to sing in October? One of my accompanists pulled out of the show. Now I'm scrambling to find a replacement. Do people answer their emails and voicemails anymore? Or is business now conducted only through Facebook? Lordy.
  • It's almost too hot to go to the lake. But then we would miss great photos, like this one, of us piling into the truck with our intertubes. Nice! (Good thing Kelli doesn't read my blog, huh? *wink*)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Yes, Thank You, I'll Take That Cheese Now

Or, in the alternative, How to Spend a Ridiculous Amount of Money Without Really Trying. Background. July 15th was going to be one of those days. Derek calls me mid-morning to tell me that the a/c was blowing moderately cool air and the house was getting warmer by the minute. He calls the repair company we contract regular maintenance service with and they say they can make it out sometime that afternoon. The great sit-and-wait game may now commence.

Around 11ish, I get the long-awaited phone call from my mom telling me that my grandfather had passed away and would Derek agree to be a pallbearer. I hang up with her, after miraculously holding my sh** together, and call Derek only to lose it when I actually get him on the phone to break the news / pose the question to him. Nice. I just love falling apart at work! But it couldn't be helped! So we make plans for me to head to East Texas that afternoon, where I would spend the remainder of the weekend helping with the arrangements and just generally "being there" for my mom.

The a/c repairman comes a little after lunch. There's good news and bad news. Good news: your compressor is fine. Bad news: you have a freon leak & I don't have time to do the full repair today. It took 5 lbs. of freon to refill the unit & get things cooling properly. "This should last you until Monday when I come back." For $250 plus a service call, IT BETTER!!!!

Fastforward. I head to East Texas early Friday morning. Saturday morning my brother is scheduled to move (a whole saga unto itself) and I've asked Derek to help him since none of the rest of us would now be available to be the moving crew. Like every good BIL, he dutifully helps my brother swap houses in the heat. He gets home mid-afternoon, and soon after, my cell rings. "It's hot in here again." My response. Um. Yeah. Well. Not really suitable for reprint. Let's just say it was something like, "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!" Another call to the a/c company. Another service call. Another round of freon. "We'll just add this one to the repair bill for Monday." Oh. Gee. Thankshowkindofyou!

Fastforward. Repairman comes to fix the bloody unit on Monday. "I've got good news and bad news." Gee. Where've I heard that before?! *insert monstrous eyeroll* Bad news: it's not just one freon leak; it's five - one large leak, a medium-sized one, and at least three small ones. There's no way to repair it; the only option is to replace the entire attic unit. Good news: this fixes your problem with the heater pulling too much amperage. Oh. Right. The proverbial two birds with one stone thing. Am I supposed to feel better? 'Cause... Not. So. Much. Especially after I hear what it's gonna cost me. *cough, hack, gag* wewon'tevengothere

So ... yes, I will take some cheese with that whine. And perhaps I will have that while riding in the waaaaaaaaaa-am-bu-lance. B/c dude. This was So. Not. In. The. Budget!!!!!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

*Tap, tap, tap*

Is this thing on?? I've always wanted to work that into a post. *grin* I'm sure the few of you who are still subscribing to posts have been wondering what happened to me. The ol' blog has been silent for well over two weeks. I'll give you the Reader's Digest version:  my grandfather passed away on July 15th and I just haven't really felt like writing. BUT lots of things have been happening in the last several weeks, and I've had the posts ruminating. So "we're back in the saddle again." Hold on, though, it might get a little bumpy!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Save the Date

I will be starring in a full-scale Broadway show this fall. I would love to see you in the audience!

Side by Side by Sondheim
Saturday, October 9, 2010 - 7:30 p.m.
Sunday, October 10, 2010 - 7:30 p.m.
Tickets: $10/person
Reserve tickets by emailing:
LHUMC, Dallas