Monday, July 12, 2010

What's Better than a Pool???

So we've had many discussions about the proposed backyard project. We've hemmed and we've hawed. We've flipped and we've flopped. And when push came to shove, we made a decision. And, of course, it all hinged on finances.

When you're planning to undertake such a huge (and expensive) project, it goes without saying that it has to be affordable without hardship. When the "ballpark estimate" from several companies came back roughly in the range of $60-70,000 for our "dream set-up," well, let's just say that was a wee bit more than we had anticipated. And after some preliminary inquiries with our preferred lender, it didn't take long to see that now is just not the right time.

Does that mean that we won't do another makeover on the backyard? Nope. In fact, the outdoor kitchen is still on the table. BUT after much discussion, we both came to the conclusion that we have a nice set-up right now and can take the next year or so designing the ideal outdoor kitchen, which is the affordable part of the whole plan. The pool? Well, we'll stick with the blow-up version for now. *wink*

So ... with that decision firmly made, we put another option back on the table. 

For about a year, Derek has been trying to talk me into getting a truck. You may recall that we had a truck and got rid of it to replace Derek's work vehicle. It worked for us financially at the time, but we quickly came to realize just how much we used the truck. Who knew?! So Derek pulled out his folder of research (not really) and went to work. It didn't take him long to find his "dream truck." And let's face it, if you're gonna buy one, you might as well get the one they want. YKWIM?

Meet the newest addition to our vehicular family.

Who needs a pool when you can pull a boat & go to a bunch of pools (or lakes, as the case may be)?! *wink* Now all we need is a boat! LOL!

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