Friday, July 09, 2010

Things: Installment 49

So ... you may have noticed my absence from the ol' blog-o as of late. No reason in particular. Just haven't sat down & taken the time to catch you up on things. So I'll take this edition of Things to bring you up-to-date. You'll see that you haven't missed all that much. *wink*

Things We've Been Up To
  • A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Rangers game with some girlfriends - a girls night at the Ballpark, if you will. We had a terrific time. Despite the fact that the Rangers tanked on their winning streak. And despite the rain (score on those seats under cover!).

  • We happened to go to the Ballpark on a night with fireworks scheduled after the game and it just happened to be the night that the fireworks were set to Michael Jackson tunes. The show was spectacular! And we got to park for FREE. Extra bonus!

  • We finally met with a couple of pool contractors (a couple more to go) about the possibility of adding an outdoor kitchen & pool out back. It's becoming pretty clear that now is not the greatest time to undertake such a huge project. But we'll see how it shakes out once all four contractors have weighed in. I suspect the outdoor kitchen will likely happen since it's not ridiculously expensive. Oh, it's expensive but just not eye-popping, jaw-dropping expensive. (Honestly, I would much rather save all that cash for traveling anyway, YKWIM??)

  • The 4th holiday was relatively quiet. I had sushi with the girls on Friday. Derek spent most of the weekend working and I spent the rest of the weekend catching up on housework. A little boring perhaps but it was nice to have a quiet weekend with no place to go. It was also my last weekend at Ye Olde Church Job until mid-August. We didn't attend any 4th festivities. But we did cook out with some friends on Monday.

  • This week has been pretty quiet too. In fact, Tuesday I fell asleep on the couch at 7. Pathetic! But my allergies are on full tilt again and that always makes me extra tired. 

  • Right now, as I type this, I'm waiting on a repair person to fix our garage door. Apparently when the door closed last night, it was for the last time. It's so broken that it can't even been raised manually. Bummer. Hopefully it's a simple fix that isn't too expensive. I don't relish the idea of buying a new garage door, but I suppose there are worse things??

  • We don't have much on the agenda for this weekend either. Derek's on call as are two of his big cutters so he'll likely be working again. I have grand plans to get in the home office and do some serious cleaning/tossing/purging. We shall see how that goes. I gotta find our tax info for the last two years. I'm hoping that the bottomless pit in there hasn't eaten it! *wink*

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