Saturday, July 10, 2010

Speaking of Bonuses...

I forgot to mention that I got a bonus at work. It was a nice sum, even after Uncle Sam took his share. So I bought myself a toy. Wanna see??

That's right, my friends, I bought myself an iPad. I won't lie. When I bought Derek's iPad, I talked about how silly it was to have one of these things. I mean, when you have an iPod touch, what need do you have for a bigger version of one? Then Derek made me sit down with his iPad and try it out. And I was hooked. Reading really is easy on the eyes and movies look superb. It's gonna be great for my commutes to/from work, not to mention on our future trips. 

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Whitney, everybody knows that! said...

and it can scroll music too!! or that is what it shows on the commercial! so you can write it off. ;D