Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekend Roundup

The weekend went by in a whirlwind for us. What about you guys?

Saturday was my brother's birthday. My SIL planned a surprise party for him, and it was Derek's job to keep David occupied all day. They played golf & had a late lunch and then Derek took him home to meet his fate. LOL! Poor guy, he was all hot & sweaty from playing golf and was looking forward to a shower & a nap. Little did he know what awaited him. But he took the surprise like a champ and enjoyed the festivities with friends & family.

I headed from the surprise party to an outdoor wedding that I was hired to sing. You know, the thing about sunset weddings is that they're better when it's not so damn HOT! Lordy, lordy. We about melted into grease spots until the sun sunk below the horizon and even then it was steamy. But all survived and the bride & groom are now happily wed.

I got a reprieve from Ye Olde Church Job on Sunday so I spent most of the day cleaning house. It had been a while since I'd cleared out the dust bunnies, and OH MY. They were no longer bunnies. They were two-ton gorillas with attitude! But me and the Rainbow beat those puppies into submission and all is well with the world again. haha

The inlaws came over later in the afternoon to celebrate Father's Day. We enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner compliments of Chef Derek and a lovely visit. They were finally able to see some of the improvements we've made to the house, and they really loved them. We've been thoroughly pleased with the patio and the new floors, and it's always good to hear when other people enjoy them as much as we do. Of course, we didn't get to enjoy the patio to its full potential that evening b/c it was so bloody hot (the patio gets the hot western sun). So we'll definitely have to have them over in the fall when the weather is nicer.

Albeit a busy weekend, it was great to get to spend it with both dads.

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