Friday, June 25, 2010

Things: Installment 48

Things I Love About Summer - A Photo Essay
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It's time for some of my favorite critters to start hatching. Did I ever tell you about my childhood collection of the cicada "shells?" Oh how I loved plucking these babies from the trees (or wherever else they chose to hatch)!!!

These lovely jewels (rainbow beetles a/k/a great horned beetles to some a/k/a doodoo rollers to the rest of us (I kid you not!)) are also summertime roamers. We don't see many (if any??) of these in The Big City, but I used to see them a LOT on the farm. Fascinating little buggers.

Another summertime fave of mine. Used to watch these guys buzz around while fishing in my grandparents' pond. Dragon flies are so entertaining. Have you ever really watched them?? Good times!

For the most part, I can say with absolute certainty that I don't really miss The Country Life. I like living in The Big City. Close to everything I want to partake of, whether it's shopping or eating or enjoying leisure activities. I certainly don't miss the malodorous wisps of Dairy Barn floating on the summer air. BUT I DO miss the smell of fresh-cut hay. And I'm sorry, but you just can't find much of THAT here in The Big City!

Oh how I LOVE home-grown tomatoes. Is there anything better than a yummy E. Texas tomato fresh-sliced & covered with salt & pepper? I can't think of anything myself.

And while we're talking about vegetables, I love summer veggies cooked on the grill. Oh my! Don't get me wrong, we grill veggies all year, but they're so much better when you can get local-grown squash and zucchini and cook it fresh. Delish!

Wanna know my other favorite thing about summer??? I get to look up all of the cool creepy crawlies in the Texas Field Guide to Common Insects. LOVE!! (And it just happens to be available online now. Score!)



you are funny :) looking up insects is your favorite he he he

Aggie99 said...

We are so much alike yet when you post something like this, I stop and think "how are we friends!" :)

Susan said...

variety is the spice of life?? =)

Anonymous said...

She really did have a quart jar of bug shells. I found it in her closet when she moved. Such a funny girl!

Love you anyway, MOM