Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Restaurant Review

Several of my co-workers took me out for a little appreciation lunch yesterday. I got to pick the restaurant so I suggested one of the restaurants that mom & I have talked about trying for quite some time - Kozy Kitchen. It's received quite a bit of press over the last several years and particularly in the gluten-free community. You see, one of the owners/chefs in the restaurant has gluten sensitivity, so 98% of the menu is gluten-free or has gluten-free substitutions. They buy local, farm-fresh ingredients - everything from fresh seasonal farmers market veggies to grassfed beef to free-range chicken. They bake all of their gluten-free bread in-house, and every dessert at Kozy is gluten-free. I opted for the beef burger on gluten-free bread with grilled summer vegetables. The thick burger was cooked to perfection and the bread held its own against the tomato and thick sandwich. The seasonal veggies, consisting of summer squash, zucchini, onions, a variety of bell peppers, finger-thin asparagus pieces, and mushrooms, were well-seasoned but a tad al dente for my liking. But that didn't stop me from eating most of them. *grin* We opted for the Oh My God cake for dessert, and OMG was it good!!! It's a chocolate cake with layers of peanut butter mousse, a brownie center, topped with cream cheese frosting, powdered cocoa, and fresh-shaved white chocolate. It was surprisingly light and even more delicious than even I could have anticipated. We took some macaroons to go and I had one later in the afternoon. It did not disappoint either. It was delectably crunchy on the outside and soft, sweet, and slightly gooey on the inside. It was like having the perfect (coconut) truffle.

I give Kozy Kitchen 2 BIG thumbs up, and I cannot WAIT to go back & try their gluten-free breakfast menu (which is served every day until 3 p.m.)!

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