Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cutie Head Moment #5,213

Today's Cutie Head Moment is brought to you by .... The Traveling Sewing Kit:  Never leave home without one!!! So have you ever had this feeling that there was just a little too much wind blowing up your skirt?? Yeah, so my walk from the bus stop to the office building this morning was a bit more "aired out" than I would have liked.

It all started with my choice of wardrobe. I put together this cute little number with a knee-length pencil skirt & cute tweed jacket & some of my favorite animal-print heels. Now, the skirt has a slit up the back. I knew this when I put it on. When one wears a pencil skirt, there naturally has to be a slit in some part of the skirt to allow freer movement. Otherwise, you look like a penguin waddling around with your itty bitty baby steps. Anyway, point is the skirt has a slit up the back. I think you can see where this is going, but for your entertainment, let's continue, shall we?

Aside from said slit, this particular pencil skirt has this annoying tendency to ride up a little bit as you walk b/c of the way that it's cut to sit at the hips and b/c it's got a little stretch to it. So you have to watch The Ride, as I like to call it, otherwise you look goofy with your skirt creeping up to your boob pits from its appropriate place at the hips. I, of course, got to stand at every stop light this morning to wait for it to turn, which should have been a good thing, right? I did my little Get Back Down Here skirt adjustment ... in a casual kinda way so as not to draw attention to the fact that Yes My Skirt Is Riding a Little High Thankyouverymuch. Still, things felt a bit ... exposed, but sadly that didn't really register at the time.

So I get into my building, go through security, walk through the office lobby, talk to the security guard, and head to my desk all the while thinking, gee, something just Doesn't. Feel. Right. So I put my stuff down & decide to check things out. And that's when I realized ... the slit in my skirt is no longer the 4 inches it was intended to be. Oh no, it had come unhemmed ANOTHER 4 inches. And oh yeah, you guessed it, my arse was clearly & plainly visible for all the world to see. Nice. And how many people did I see on my way from the bus to the office this morning?! Again, I'm just thankful that I listened to that Little Voice in my Head that said, 'You really should wear the little boy shorts today.' Of course, I was thinking that was a good idea from the standpoint of my tendency to have Shoe Mishaps. Little did I know that it would save me a tiny bit of humiliation once I discovered that I'd been airing my arse to the world!

And that's why I'm very glad to a) have a sewing kit in my desk and b) have a vague knowledge of how to fix my Slit Up to the Cheeks problem. The slit in my skirt is now back to its appropriate length ... if not a wee bit shorter, you know, out of an overabundance of caution & all. And now you have yet another ridiculous story to tell about my crazy wardrobe malfunctions which ultimately lead to my flashing the entire world. You're welcome.

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