Monday, May 10, 2010

Lovely Weekend

Whew. Hard to believe the weekend has already come & gone. They go by so fast these days! I had a nice one. What about you?

Friday evening I met some girlfriends after work for happy hour & shopping at the Galleria. It was our last hoorah before Carla has baby Emma sometime in the coming weeks. Is there anything better than getting together for Girl Time? I think not. Well ... perhaps the only thing better is getting together for Girl Time AT A SHOE STORE! *wink*

Saturday was a big day as we hosted my family for Mother's Day. Derek made his famous ribs complete with the Fox Family Secret Recipe BBQ Sauce and they were DE-LISH! Mom made her famous potato salad and it was a particularly good batch. We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of food, visiting, and The Squirt, who has to be THE cutest baby I know. (But perhaps I'm a little biased! *grin*) He's nothing but smiles & giggles, and he's working on crawling now which is pretty darn funny at this point b/c all he does right now is scoot around on the TOP of his HEAD. Silly kid! But it gets him where he wants to go. Most of the time.

We'd planned to host Derek's parents on Sunday afternoon, but they were pretty pooped after returning from a Caribbean vacay late Saturday evening. So we offered a rain check on the vittles & visits and gave them a quiet afternoon for resting instead.

We spent the afternoon doing ... well, not much of anything. We watched some things on the DVR and I forced Derek to watch Night at the Rodanthe with me. It was actually a very good movie, and I think he enjoyed it too (though he likely would never own up to that). It's definitely a chick flick. But I must say that I'm STUNNED that my former boss, who is a Manly Man, went to the movie theatre in the middle of the afternoon & watched this BY HIMSELF! Cracks. Me. Up!!!

We had the neighbors over for dinner. The weather was glorious, and we enjoyed good convo on the patio. It just reminds us why we spent all that money getting it fixed up. Worth every penny to be able to enjoy wonderful weather with great friends!

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