Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dangerous Footwear

This Cutie Head Moment brought to you today by Sex and the City 2. So I saw this fantastic pair of shoes on a website commonly known around our house as My Shoe Crack. These drool-worthy shoes, known as The Charlottes, were a part of a line-up being featured prior to the SATC movie premier. As soon as I saw them, I knew they had to join My Collection. They arrived in all their glory on my doorstep on Wednesday night, which means I had to wear them immediately. *wink* These are knock-out in person and are really comfortable too, not to mention easy to walk in, which is geat considering The Trail of Tears that I must walk from the bus stop to my office building each day. So here I am. On said Trail. Tottering along in my sexy shoes and super-cute Charlotte-esque outfit. Along the way, I'm having this funny conversation with myself about how nice and clean the sidewalk is today and isn't that nice since it means there aren't any tiny rocks or acorns along the way for me to slip on and how I might actually get to the office today without having some kind of not-so-graceful incident involving said obstacles. I'm making my final crosswalk when it happened. Oh yes. You know. I had an epic fail in The Walking Department. Just as I was stepping up from the street to the sidewalk in front of my building, my left ankle did Its Thing. That thing where it just mysteriously goes all cattywompass and in the process I do a little wobble-stumble just barely catching myself before I fall and I'm pretty sure that the guy passing by, who casually asked if I was alright with the biggest smile on his face evah, probably caught a glimpse of my oh-so-cute Charlotte-esque undies. (At least I was wise and chose the boy shorts rather than The Usual, which let's just say doesn't cover that much!) Thank you, sir, and have a nice day.

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