Thursday, April 22, 2010

Here's Your Sign

Ever have those days that start out with a clear indication that you should just go back to bed?? Yeah, well, today is one of those days ... as I sit here writing this on my way to work.

The first sign? When I wasn't ready to leave by 6:25 to catch my bus. I wasn't even ready by 6:30 - thae absolutely latest that I can walk out the door & still make it. *sigh* So I resigned myself to the fact that I wasn't going to make it and took a bit more time with the rest of my morning routine since I now had an extra 20 min. After I finished getting ready & packing the ol' gym bag, I decided that what this Off To A Rocky Start morning needed was a cup of coffee. The clock said I had 5 min. - just enough time to brew up a TowGo (not to be confused with a TO go, LOL).

Yet another sign and the final straw? Got the coffee in the handy mug and then realized I didn't have the cap for the darn thing. And after searching high (and by high I mean in the farthest reaches of the tallest cabinets) and low, it was nowhere to be found. So then I proceeded to search for other TowGo options since my thermos of choice was OOC. Not a single insulated cup to be found ... clean anyway. So after throwing a big ol' conniption complete with some choice expletives, I threw up my hands, slammed some doors, and left.

*sigh* I only hope the hot cuppa tea awaiting me at the office will do the trick. Maybe I'll just work with my door closed today? Unless someone has some Happy Pills to share??

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