Monday, April 12, 2010

Fan. Tas. Tic.

So what's worse than the cat waking you up with his incessant caterwalling?? The cat waking you up LATE with his caterwalling, that's what! I type this as I'm on my way to work ... late.

Meeko started in with his usual meowing at the wee hours this morning. I think the birds were up early, and he thought he was missing out on some prime Mockingbird stalking. Anyway, I shut him up the first 500 times with a little shake of the no-no can. It was still dark. The next time he wakes me up I see that there's a suspiciously late-morning glow about the room, and I take a peek at the clock. 6:35. *takes a minute to sink in* WHA??! 6:35??!!! I should be sitting on my bus not just now getting out of bed! *sigh*

Guess who forgot to turn ON the alarm that she so carefully set last night???

This Cutie Head Moment is brought to you today by the maker's of Trusty Alarm Clock Company.

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